U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of Medical History
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List of Abbreviations


List of Abbreviations

AAF                 Army Air Forces

AAR                 Association of American Railroads

AC                    Air Corps

ACofS              Assistant Chief of Staff

Act                   Acting

Add                 Additional, addition

Admin             Administration, administrative, administrator

AFPAC           U. S. Army Forces, Pacific

AG                   The Adjutant General, Files of

AGF                 Army Ground Forces; Army Ground Forces, Files of

AGO                 Adjutant General's Office

AGWAR         Adjutant General, War Department

Almt                Allotment

Amb                Ambulance

AML               Army Medical Library

An                   Annual

Anal               Analysis

AR                 Army Regulations

ASF               Army Service Forces

Asgmt           Assignment

ASO              Air Surgeon's Office

ATC              Air Transport Command; Air Transport Command, Files of

ATS              Army Transport Service

Auth             Authority, authorized, authorization

AWC            Army War College, Files of

Bd                 Board

Bn                 Battalion

BPE               Boston Port of Embarkation

Br                  Branch

C                   Chief

CA               Corps area

CASU         Corps Area Service Unit

CBI             China-Burma-India

CCS            Combined Chiefs of Staff

CDD           Certificate of disability for discharge

CE              Chief of Engineers, Files of; Corps of Engineers

CG             Commanding General

CinC          Commander in Chief

Cir             Circular

Civ             Civilian

CMTC       Combined Military Transportation Committee

Cmtee         Committee

CO             Commanding Officer

Co              Company

CofAC        Chief of the Air Corps

CofEngrs     Chief of Engineers

CofF           Chief of Finance

CofOrd       Chief of Ordnance

CofSA        Chief of Staff, U. S. Army

CofT           Chief of Transportation

Comd          Command

ComZ         Communications zone

Conf            Conference

Cons           Construction, constructing, consultant

Conv           Convalescent, conversation, conversion

Co-ord        Co-ordination

CPA            Central Pacific Area

CPE            Charleston Port of Embarkation

DAF            Department of the Air Force

Def              Defense

Dep             Deputy

Det              Detachment

Dev             Development

DF              Disposition form

Dir               Directorate, director

Distr            Distribution

Div              Division

Dom            Domestic

D/S              Disposition slip

EM              Enlisted men

Engr             Engineer, engineering

Equip           Equipment

Est               Estimate

Estab           Establish, establishment

ETOUSA     European Theater of Operations, U. S. Army

Evac             Evacuation, evacuating

Fac               Facility, facilities

Fld                Field

FM               Field manual

FY                Fiscal year

Gen               General

GHQ             General Headquarters

GO                General Order

HD                Historical Unit, Army Medical Service, Walter Reed Army Medical Center (formerly Historical Division, Office of The Surgeon General)

Hist               History

Hosp             Hospital, hospitalization

Hq                Headquarters

HRPE           Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation

HRS             Historical Records Section, Departmental Records Branch, Adjutant General's Office

IAS               Informal action sheet

IG                 The Inspector General; The Inspector General, Files of

Incl                Inclosure, inclosed

Ind                 Indorsement

Indiv              Individual

Info                Information

Init                 Initialed

Insp               Inspection

Instl               Installation

Interv             Interview

JAG              The Judge Advocate General

JCS               Joint Chiefs of Staff

JMTC           Joint Military Transportation Committee

JPS               Joint Staff Planners

Lab               Laboratory

LAPE           Los Angeles Port of Embarkation

Ltr                Letter

MAC           Medical Administrative Corps

Mar Comm  Maritime Commission

Mat             Material, Matériel

MC             Medical Corps

MD             Medical Department

MFSS         Medical Field Service School

MHSP         Medical hospital ship platoon

Mil               Military

Min              Minute

Misc             Miscellaneous

Mob             Mobilization

MOOB        Mobilization and Overseas Operations Branch, Office of The Surgeon General

MOOD        Mobilization and Overseas Operations Division, Office of The Surgeon General

MPD            Military Personnel Division

MR              Mobilization Regulations

MRO           Medical Regulating Officer

MRS            Memo routing slip

MRU            Medical Regulating Unit

M/S              Memorandum sheet or slip

MSO            Medical Supply Officer

MTOUSA     Mediterranean Theater of Operations, U. S. Army

Mvmt            Movement

NATOUSA   North African Theater of Operations, U. S. Army

n d                 No date

NOPE           New Orleans Port of Embarkation

NP                Neuropsychiatric, neuropsychiatry

NYPE           New York Port of Embarkation

OCE             Office, Chief of Engineers

OCofAC       Office, Chief of the Air Corps

OCS             Office, Chief of Staff, U. S. Army

OCT             Office of the Chief of Transportation

Off                Office, officer

OO               Office Order

OPD             Operations Division, War Department General Staff

OPMG         Office of The Provost Marshal General

Opr               Operation

Ord               Ordnance; Chief of Ordnance, Files of

Orgn             Organization

OSW            Office, Secretary of War, Files of

PE                 Port of embarkation

Pers               Personnel, personal

Plat                Platoon

PMG             The Provost Marshal General

PMP             Protective Mobilization Plan

Pnt                Patient

POA             Pacific Ocean Area

Procmt          Procurement

Prov              Provisional, provision

Ptbl               Portable

PW               Prisoner of war

QMG            The Quartermaster General

Rad               Radiogram

Recomd        Recommendation

Reg               Regulation, regulating

Regt              Regiment

Repl              Replacement

Req               Required

Reqmt           Requirement

Res               Reservation, resolution, reserve

Rev               Revision

Rpt                Report

R&R Sheet    Routing and record sheet

RR                 Railroad

Ry                  Railway

SCSU            Service Command Service Unit

SecWar         Secretary of War

Sep                Separate

Serv               Service

SFPE             San Francisco Port of Embarkation

SG                 The Surgeon General; The Surgeon General, Files of

SGO              Surgeon General's Office

SHAEF          Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces

SOS               Services of Supply

SPA               South Pacific Area

SPE                Seattle Port of Embarkation

S/S                 Summary sheet

Sta                  Station

Str                  Strength

Sup                 Supply

Supp               Supplement

Surg                Surgeon, surgical

Surv                Survey

SvC                Service command

SWPA            Southwest Pacific Area

Syst                System

TAG               The Adjutant General

TAS                The Air Surgeon's Historical Division, Files of

T/BA               Table of basic allowances

TC                   Transportation Corps; Chief of Transportation, Files of

T/E                  Table of equipment

Tec                  Technical

Tel                   Telephone

Temp               Temporary

Tfc                   Traffic

TM                  Technical manual

Tn                    Train

Tng                  Training

T/O                 Table of organization; theater of operations

T/O&E            Table of organization and equipment

TofOpns          Theater of Operations

Trans               Transportation; transports

Trf                   Transfer

Trp                  Troop

T/S                  Transmittal sheet

USAF             United States Air Forces

USAFBI         U. S. Army Forces in the British Isles

USASOS        U. S. Army, Services of Supply

USFET           U. S. Forces, European Theater

Util                 Utilization, utilities

Veh                Vehicle

WAAC           Women's Army Auxiliary Corps

WAC              Women's Army Corps

WD                 War Department

WDCSA         Office, Chief of Staff, U. S. Army, Files of

WDGS            War Department General Staff

WDMB           War Department Manpower Board

WPB               War Production Board

WRGH            Walter Reed General Hospital

ZI                    Zone of interior