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The published and unpublished materials cited in the notes (by author and/or short title) are cited in full in the following list of references. The editor's Medical Service in Combat includes compendious notes, citing documentary sources derived from the offices of major medical headquarters in the India-Burma Theater; rarely have these citations been duplicated in footnotes.

Books and Articles

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Unpublished Documents

---- History of Northern Combat Area Command, China-Burma-India and India-Burma Theater (originally consulted in the Historical Division, War Department Special Staff, the predecessor of the Office of the Chief of Military History).

Blumgart, Herrman, and George M. Pike. History of Internal Medicine in India-Burma Theater (Historical Unit, Army Medical Service, D/A).

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Stilwell, Joseph W. Stilwell Diary and Notebooks, microfilm, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University, Calif.

---- et al. Stilwell Papers: miscellaneous reports and unpublished histories, correspondence, radio messages, memorandums, maps, and sketches. Most documents declassified. Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University, Calif. The more extensive documents cited herein include:

    "2nd Battalion Diary."

    "Galahad--5307th Composite Unit (Prov)--Merrill's Marauders--1 September-1 June 1944"; The final draft, with corrections, of U.S. War Department, Merrill's Marauders (previously listed).

    "History of the 679th AW Company."

    "S-3 Journal 3rd Bn 5307th Comp. Unit (Prov)," by Sgt. Russell F. Hill.

Stone, James H. The Organization and Administration of the Medical Department in the China-Burma-India and India-Burma Theaters, 1942 to 1946 (Historical Unit, Army Medical Service, D/A).

---- The Hospitalization and Evacuation of Sick and Wounded in the Communications Zone, China-Burma-India and India-Burma Theaters, 1942-1946 (Historical Unit, Army Medical Service, D/A).

Van Auken, Howard A., et al. A History of Preventive Medicine in the U.S. Army Forces of the India-Burma Theater (Historical Unit, Army Medical Service, D/A). Individual contributors are listed in Stone, Medical Service in Combat, III, p. 289.


    Selected documents from the files of the Theater and SOS Surgeon, placed with the Historical Unit, Army Medical Service, D/A: Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, histories, radio messages, memorandums, Medical Department unit annual historical reports.

    From the files of the Historical Division, War Department Special Staff: miscellaneous documents relating to CBI history, of which certain G-4 Periodic Reports, CBI, 1944, have been cited in the notes. These and many more form the citations and bibliography of Romanus and Sunderland's CBI history.

    Williams Documents: Copies of letters and extensive notes from the war diary of Col. Robert P. Williams, MC, the CBI Theater Surgeon, kindly loaned the editor by Colonel Williams and in the editor's possession.