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99th Infantry Division
In the field

15 February 1945

SUBJECT: History of 324th Medical Battalion, January 1945.

TO:  Adjutant General, Washington, D.C. (Through Commanding General, 99th Infantry

1. Strength, Commissioned and Enlisted:

 Officers  EM
a.   At beginning of period.   36 367

b.   Net increase, January 1945.    1  50

c.  At end of period, 31 January 1945. 37 417

2.  Stations:   (Map: Central Europe, Bonn, S-1, 1:100,000).

a.  4 Jan – Co C; Jalhay, Belgium (K-750185) to vic Sourbrodt, Belgium (K-836116).

b.  4 Jan –  Co A; vic Sourbrodt, Belgium (K-83611) to Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185).

c.   7 Jan –  Co B; Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185) to vic Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-836116).

d   7 Jan –  Co C; vic Sourbrodt, Belgium (K-836116) to Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185).

e. 10 Jan –  Co A; Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185) to vic Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-836116).

f.  10 Jan –  Co B; vic Sourbrodt, Belgium (K—836116) to Jalhay, Belgium (K-750185).

g. 11 Jan –  Co A; vic Sourbrodt, Belgium (K-836116) to Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088).

h. 13 Jan –  Co C; Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185) to Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088).

I. 13 Jan –  Co A; Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088) to Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185).

j. 16 Jan –  Co B; Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185) to Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088).

k. 16 Jan –  Co C; Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088) to Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185).

1.  20 Jan –  Co A; Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185) to Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088).

m. 20 Jan –  Co B; Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088) to Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185).

n.  23 Jan –  Co C; Jalhay, Belg. (K-790185) to Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088).


o.  23 Jan –  Co A; Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088) to Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185).

p.  26 Jan –  Co B; Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185) to Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088).

q.  26 Jan –  Co C; Sourbrodt, Belg. (K-873088) to Jalhay, Belg. (K-750185).

r.  28 Jan –  Fwd CP, and 2nd Clr Pl, Co D; Jalhay, Belg. (K-750l85) to Ovifat, Belg. (K-843086).

3.   Marches: Negative. Only routine moves between positions in support of line.

4.  Campaigns:

a.  Campaign of Germany.

b.  Duration: 15 September l944 to date to be announced later.

c.  Purpose: To engage the enemy in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.

d.  Authority:  Sec VI, WD General Orders #80, 5 Oct 1944.

5.  Battles:

a.  (1) Defense of Elsenborn sector.

  (2) Place: Line east of Elsenborn, Belgium.

  (3) Date: 19 Dec - 31 Jan 45.

  (4)   Campaign of which battle was a part: Germany.

b.   Summary of Operations, January 1945:

On 1 Jan 1945, the 3rd Bn, 395th Inf, and the 99th Rcn Troops continued the defense of the Hofen Area under 9th Inf Div control, and evacuation was performed by 324th Med Bn ambulances through Coll Co B, 9th Inf Div. 393rd, 394th, and 395th (less 3rd Bn) Inf Regt’s continued the defense of the Elsenborn Area, flanked by the 9th Inf Division on the North, and by the 2nd Inf Div on the South. Evacuation was by Medical Battalion and Regimental litter bearers and litter jeeps to Battalion Aid Stations; by ambulance to one collecting station operated by one reinforced collecting company; by ambulance to the Division Clearing Station; and by ambulances from 452nd Coll Co, 134th Med Gp to the 128th Evac Hosp, Verviers, Belgium. The Collecting Station was operated by one collecting company at K-836116 (vie Sourbrodt) reinforced by ambulances of a second collecting company to evacuate the Division to the collecting station. The third collecting company evacuated from the collecting company to the Clr Sta. K-750185 (Jalhay).

2 Jan 1945 –  Consolidation of ambulance disposition made possible evacuation from Bn Aid Stations thru the Coll Sta to the Clr Sta by one Coll Co reinforced by ambulances from one other Coll Co. The third Coll Co was thus able to hold its entire personnel, equipment, and transportation in reserve at Jalhay, thus permitting maximum rest, training, and maintenance. The companies were rotated on this basis every four days.


 6 Jan 1945 –  The 2nd Bn, 395th Inf. formerly in reserve under 9th Inf Div control reverted to 99th Inf Div control and was assigned a 1500 yard defensive sector north of Elsenborn, relieving 1st Bn, 39th Inf, 9th Inf Div.

7 Jan 19145 –  Work began on “digging in” Coll Co at K-873088 east of Sourbrodt, Belgium, in order to provide closer support and to place Coll Co in position to support Div Arty Bn's.

11 Jan 19145 –  Coll Co A moved to new site at K-873088 (vic Sourbrodt). Work continued on completion of four log-covered dugouts.

17 Jan 1945 –  Plan was formulated and coordinated with 1st Med Bn, 1st Inf Div to provide medical support for 1st Bn, 393rd Inf and 1st Bn, 395th Inf, placed on alert status to support 1st Inf Div.

19 Jan 1945 –  Evacuation route between Coll Sta and Clr Sta on the Malmedy-Eupen road became blocked by heavy snow drifts. An alternate route (Jalhay, Sart, Cockaifagn, Longfaye, Ovifat, Sourbrodt) was reconnoitered. The previous route was opened and evacuation continued.

22 Jan 1945 –  Evacuation to 129th Evac Hosp, Verviers was discontinued, and casualties were taken to 2nd Evac Hosp, Eupen.

25 Jan 1945 – Bn CO, S-3, and Clr Co CO reconnoitered vic Ovifat, Belgium (K-843086)  for a new Clr Sta site. The Division Engineers cleared a field of heavy snow for this Clr Sta site.

26 Jan 1945 –  2nd Clr Pl established at Ovifat, to be prepared to render closer support for contemplated offensive operations.

27 Jan1945 – Offensive operations were discussed with Div G-2; V Corps is to attack 29 Jan 1945, with 9th Inf Div on North, 99th Inf Div in center, and 2nd Inf Div on South. The mission of the 99th Inf Div is to clear the wooded area east of Kalterherberg-Elsenborn road, extending to Wahlerscheid (F-001124), while the 9th Inf Div attacks through Rohren to Wahlerscheid, and the 2nd Inf Div through Krinkeit to Wahlerscheid. The 99th Inf Div is then to assemble as a corps reserve, while the Corps continue toward its objective at Schleiden, Germany.

28 Jan 1945 – A meeting with the Division Surgeon and Regt’l Surgeons was called to discuss medical support of attack.

29 Jan 1945 –  Offensive postponed 24 hours. Bn Fwd CP and 2nd Clr Pl opened at Ovifat.

30 Jan 1945 –  The 393rd Inf launched an attack to the Northeast on the right flank of the Div front and met heavy opposition. The Regt initially failed to reach its first objective. This attack was followed by 394th Inf, attacking north on the left of 393rd Inf. Casualties were moderate in both regiments. Bn Aid Stations supported the attack from Elsenborn, employing Weasels, sleds, litter jeeps, and regimental and medical battalion litter bearers to evacuate casualties from the line. One Coll Co (Co B), reinforced with all medical battalion litter bearers and ten ambulances, evacuated to the Clr Sta at Ovifat. The 575th Amb Co evacuated transportable cases to 2nd Evac Hosp, Eupen, and non-transportable cases to 45th Field Hospital, Malmedy.


31 Jan 1945 –  The attack continued, and 393rd Inf secured objective B. 394th Inf continued the attack, and Co A, 395th Inf seized high ground vic K745102. Casualties were moderately heavy.

The deep snow, wooded terrain, and the distance forward of Battalion Aid Stations presented a problem for forward evacuation, but use of toboggans, “weasels”, and litter jeeps, and complete coordination in the employment of  Infantry, Medical Detachments and Medical Battalion litter bearers resulted in complete evacuation of the sector during the period.

Clearing Station Statistics, 1-31 January 1945:

Admissions.  1374
Battle Casualties. 424  30.9% of admissions.
Trench Foot Cases.  110 8.0% of admissions.
Combat Exhaustion. 100 7.3% of admissions.
No. transferred.   1109
No. returned to duty.  219

6.  Losses in action, Officers aid Enlisted Men:
a.   Engagement: Defense of Elsenborn.

b.  Killed: None.

c.  Wounded:  Pvt Raymond R. Rux, xxxxxxxx, Co C.
d.  Missing:  None  

e.  Taken Prisoner:   None.

7.  Former and Present members who have distinguished themselves in action:   None.

For the Commanding Officer:

Capt, MAC

Source:  National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 112, Appendix V, Office of the Division Surgeon, "Medical History 99th Infantry Division for Period 1 January 1945 to 31 August 1945," Box 9.