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Section IV, Supplies and Materials

Special Regulations NO. 70, Regulations Governing the Army Veterinary Service



General provisions ....................................................... Paragraphs 140-143

Requisitions ................................................................. Paragraphs 144-155


140.  The medical and surgical supplies used by the Veterinary Corps are furnished by the Medical Department of the Army. The Medical Department will also furnish necessary restraining devices to control animals in the care of the Veterinary Corps. The greatest care should be exercised to conserve in every way possible all drugs and instruments. In veterinary military practice good stable management, nursing, and surgical cleanliness will save a very large percentage in drugs and dressings.

141.  The veterinary supply table gives the medicinal supplies issued to the Army and the quantities and sizes of original packages. As these supplies are selected for the military service, it is presumed that all necessary articles are included, and that the quantities allowed will suffice under ordinary circumstances. Requests for particular medicinal preparations not enumerated in the supply tables will not be approved, nor will preparations of the same drug other than those contained in the table be supplied. The Medical Department will supply from time to time new agents of determined therapeutic value. New remedies which offer, however, no distinct advantage over those already issued will not be supplied.

142.  Veterinary officers are requested to communicate freely to the Surgeon General any suggestions tending to the improvement of veterinary supplies, restraining devices, etc., and to make reports as to new designs of apparatus, equipment, etc.

143.  In preparing returns, requisitions, invoices, and receipts pertaining to veterinary supplies, the nomenclature, order of


entry, classification, and weights and measures of the supply table will be followed. To facilitate the handling of these papers one line of writing only will be placed in each iuterlinear space.


The following regulations apply to the service of the interior. Directions in regard to requisitions for veterinary supplies in the field are included in the regulations for the veterinary service in the theater of operation.

144.  Annual requisitions for post veterinary supplies will be prepared on Form No. 34, Med. Dept., for the year commencing January 1, unless some other date is designated by the Surgeon General. They will be forwarded not less than 20 days before the beginning of the year to the Surgeon General in triplicate.

145.  Articles of which a definite allowance is given in the supply table will be required for in the annual requisitions (except as otherwise provided in par. 154).

146.  Only such quantities will be asked for as probably will be needed during the year, computed on the basis of original packages. Fractional parts of a bottle or package will not be asked for. The quantity asked for, plus the quantities on hand, must not exceed those specified in the table for the number of animals most nearly corresponding with those actually at the post or in the command. The quantity of each article on hand will be stated and will be deducted from the quantity allowed annually by the supply table, except that fractional parts of bottles and packages on hand are not so deducted.

147.  Before forwarding an annual requisition, it will be carefully examined and compared with the supply table to see that it has been correctly made out in strict accordance with these regulations and to avoid the delay which its return for correction will cause (if they are not complied with).

148.  The local prevalence or rarity of certain diseases, as well as the quantity or number on hand of each article, will be considered in the preparation and approval of annual requisitions.

149.  A veterinary officer should not ask for an article merely because it is listed. He should request only what there is reason to think he will need.

150.  Special requisitions for post veterinary supplies are annual, quarterly, or emergency. They will be made on Form 35 (Med. Dept.) but separately from those for field veterinary


supplies. They will be forwarded in triplicate to the Surgeon General, as in the case of annual requisitions from the same posts.

151.  Except as otherwise provided in paragraph 154, articles not on the supply table which will be needed during the year will be called for on the annual special requisition. The articles will be listed in alphabetical order, and the necessity for them will be fully explained in the column of “Remarks.” To avoid delay in filling these requisitions a full description of special articles, instruments, and appliances required will be given in Remarks,” together with a statement of their cost, as ascertained from dealers, catalogs, or other reliable sources of information. When unusual drugs or chemical agents are called for, similar information as to their cost will be furnished.

152.  Except as otherwise provided in paragraph 154, articles on the supply table of which no allowance is stated, or which are issued “as required,” will be called for on the quarterly special requisition.

        (a)  When supplies are exhausted, or their exhaustion is imminent, a renewal thereof may be asked for on the quarterly special requisitions forwarded during the remainder of the year. These articles should be listed according to the nomenclature, classification, and alphabetical arrangement of the supply table.

        (b)  When quarterly special requisitions are necessary they will ordinarily be forwarded on or before January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, for the ensuing three months, respectively. A quarterly requisition may, however, be forwarded at any time during the quarter in which the supplies are needed.

        (c)  When, under these regulations, a quarterly special requisition would be made at the same time as an annual special, it will he consolidated therewith.

153.  When, as a result of the prevalence of an epizootic or for any other reason, necessary supplies are likely to be exhausted before the next quarterly special requisition is to be made, they will be called for on an emergency requisition, Form No. 35, Med. Dept., forwarded at once to the Surgeon General upon the development of the deficiency, with a full explanation of the emergency and its cause. In extreme cases application should be made by telegraph to the Surgeon General, or in the Philippine Department, Hawaiian Department, or Panama Canal Department to the department surgeon for the


supplies needed to meet the emergency, which will be followed by a letter of explanation. Veterinarians will be held accountable for any suffering which may result from their failure to require for supplies when it is evident the same will be needed.

        (a)  The frequent rendition of emergency post requisitions would usually argue a want of reasonable foresight in requiring for supplies, or a want of proper economy in the use of hospital property, and would be a reproach to veterinary administration. If due care in the use of veterinary property is exercised, and the regulations herein made for the timely preparation of annual and quarterly requisitions are observed, it will seldom be necessary to resort to the emergency or telegraphic requisition.

154.  The following special rules will be observed:

        (a)  Articles required to replace unserviceable property, whether on the supply table or not, will be required for on the quarterly special requisition. The exact number and condition of the unserviceable articles on hand will be expressly stated in “Remarks.”

        (b)  Requisitions for mineral oil, coal, gas, and electric current for operating sterilizers, X-ray machines, and other therapeutic apparatus will be addressed to the Surgeon General, or, in the Philippine, Hawaiian, or Panama Canal Departments to the department surgeon.

        (e) Supplies for a subpost or camp will, in the absence of orders to the contrary, be required for quarterly upon the veterinarian of the main post or command.

155.  In division cantonments requisitions in triplicate will be forwarded to the division veterinarian, who will, after scrutinizing them and making any changes therein he deems proper, send two copies to the officer in charge of the issuing medical supply depot and one copy to the Surgeon General’s Office.