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This list of some 1400 names has been made up from Toner's List, state records, lists of land grants, pension records, newspapers, memoirs, and various casual references. it is believed to be more nearly complete than any previous list. The spelling of names can not be vouched for; many were seldom spelled alike twice. There are probably some duplications. The names will at least give researchers a lead, or starting point.

My thanks are due Dr. Gains Brumbaugh, of Washington, for many names located by him.




Adams, Benjamin, New Hampshire.


Surgeon’s Mate, New Hampshire Militia in 1780. Nichol’s Regt.

Adams, Caleb Greenleaf, New York.—Surgeon.


Surgeon, 2nd New Hampshire, 20 May to Dec. 1775.


Surgeon, 8th Continental Infantry, 1. Jan. to 31 Dec. 1776.

Adams, David, Connecticut.—Surgeon.


Surgeon, 4th Conn. 25 March 1778-81.

Adams, Elijah, Connecticut.—Surgeon's Mate.


Surgeon’s Mate, 4th Connecticut May to December 1775.

Adams, Henry, Massachusetts.—Surgeon.


Surgeon’s Mate, 9th Mass. 1st Jan. 1777, Col. Wesson.


3rd. Mass. 1st Jan. 1781.


Surgeon, 6th Mass., 14th May, 1781.


Resigned 17th August, 1782.

Adams, Joseph, Massachusetts.


Surgeon’s Mate, Read's Mass. Regt. 24 April to Dec. 1775.


Surgeon’s Mate, 13th Continental Infantry 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. 1776.

Adams, Samuel, Massachusetts.—Surgeon.


Surgeon, Fellows’ Mass. Regt. May to Dec. 1775.


Surgeon, 18th Continental Infantry Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1776.


Surgeon, 3rd Continental Artillery 14 May, 1778.


Hospital Physician and Surgeon 6 October 1780-83.

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Adams, William, New York—Surgeon, Graham’s Regt., Militia, 1775.


Surgeon, Malcolm’s N. Y. State Regt., 23 July to Dec. 1776.


Surgeon, Proctor’s Artillery Regt. 1777-79.

Ahl, John Peter, Maryland.—Surgeon's Mate.


Surgeon’s Mate, Armand’s Partisan Corps 1777 to 1781.

Airs,—, South Carolina.—Surgeon, died, 1777.

Aldenbruch, Daniel, Pennsylvania,—Surgeon.

Ainsworth, Jedediah, Connecticut.


Surgeon’s Mate, 8th Conn. 10. June 1778.


Transferred to 5th Conn. 1st Jan. 1781&#8212;to June 1782.

Alexander, Archibald, Virginia—-Surgeon.


Surgeon’s Mate, 10th Virginia, May 1776.


Surgeon, 24th August, 1777.


Prisoner at Brandywine 11th Sept. 1777.


Retired Sept. 14, 1778.


Died 1822.

Alexander, George D., Virginia—Surgeon.


Surgeon, Grayson’s Continental Regt., 14th March, 1777 to 22 April, 1779.

Alexander, James R., Maryland—Surgeon's Mate.

Alexander, Joseph M., North Carolina.


Member of convention, 1774.

Alexander, Nathaniel, South Carolina—Surgeon.


Surgeon, So. Car. Regiment, 1778-1782.

Allen, David, New Hampshire—Surgeon’s Mate, Cilley’s Regt. 1781-83.

Allen, Moses, Maryland.


On Committee of Observation.

Allen, Samuel, N. Y., Mate, DuBois Regt. 1776.

Allison, Benjamin, Pennsylvania—Surgeon.


Surgeon, 1st Pa. Battalion, 13 June 1776.


Resigned 1 Jan. 1777.

Allison, Francis, Pennsylvania—Surgeon, General Hospital.


Surgeon, 12th Pa. 14 Oct. 1776.


Hospital Surgeon and Physician Dec. 1776 to July 1, 1781.

Allman, William, Virginia,—Surgeon, Navy.

Allison, Richard, Pennsylvania—Surgeon’s Mate.


Surgeon’s Mate, 5th Pa. 15 March 1778.


To 1st Pa. 1 Jan. 1783 to end of war.


Surgeon’s Mate, U. S. Infantry 12 August 1784.


Surgeon, 24 July 1788. Surg. 1st Inf. 29 Sept. 1789.


Surgeon of the Legion, Apr. 1782.


Discharged 1st Nov. 1796.

Allyn, Jonathan, Vermont—Surgeon’s Mate.

Amands, Ambrose, Virginia—Surgeon, Navy.

Ames, Nathaniel, Massachusetts—Surgeon, Militia.


Jan. 23, 1776 to April 1, 1776.

Ames, Seth, Massachusetts—Surgeon's Mate.


Thomas Regiment, Sept. 1, 1775, Oct. 1776.


Andrews, John, New Jersey—Surgeon’s Mate.

Andrews, Thomas, Maryland.


Committee of Public Safety.

Annin, William, Maryland—Surgeon, 6th May 1778.

Annin, William, Maryland—Assistant Surgeon.

Appleton, Abraham, New Jersey—Surgeon's Mate, Maxwell’s 2nd Regt. 1775.

Applewhaite, John—Surgeon Navy.

Archer, John, Maryland—Command of Company.

Armstrong, James. New York—Surgeon, hospital.

Arnold, Jonathan, Rhode Island—Hospital Surgeon.


Asst. Deputy Director General of Hospitals Eastern Dept. 7 Jan. 1778 to 9 May, 1779.



Purveyor General of Medical Dept. in 1780.

Ashley Martin,—Surg., Bellow’s, N. H. Regt. 1777.

Aspinwall, William, Massachusetts—Surgeon.


At Roxbury Hospital, 1775.

Atwater, David, Connecticut—Surgeon.

Aubry, —, New Hampshire—Furnished medicines.

Austin, Caleb, New York—Surgeon’s Mate.

Averill, Jonathan,—Surgeon of Brig “Resistance.”

Avert, J. New Jersey—Surgeon.

Axon Samuel, South Carolina—Surgeon's Mate.







Babcock, Chris A., Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, 1777. Died 1780.

Bacon, Jacob, Massachusetts—Surgeon's Mate.


Surgeon’s Mate, Scammon’s Mass. Regt. May to Dec. 1775.


Surgeon’s Mate, 7th Continental Regt. Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1776.


Prisoner, Exchanged October 1778.

Bailey, Dr. Mass.—Committee of Safety.

Bainbridge, Absalom, New Jersey—Offered services 1776.

Baird, Absalom, Pennsylvania—Surgeon.


Surgeon, Baldwin’s Artillery Artificer Regiment, 20 March, 1780.

Baker, Amos, Mass.—Surgeon's Mate.


Surgeon's Mate, Bradley’s Conn. State Regiment, May to Dec. 1776.

Baker, John, North Carolina—Surgeon's Mate.


3rd North Carolina Regiment 1777 and 1778.

Baker, William, Maryland—Member of Convention.

Baldwin, Cornelius, New Jersey—Surgeon.


Surgeon, 8th Virginia, 20 May 1777 to 9th 1778.


Prisoner Charlestown 12 May 1780; exchanged Nov. 1780.


To 1st Va. 1 Jan. 1781-83.

Ball, Silas, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.


Militia, 1777-1780.

Ball, Stephen, New Jersey—Surgeon’s Mate.  1st Regt. 1777.


Hospital Dept. March 1779 to end of war.


Ball, Stephen, Massachusetts—Attended soldiers.

Ballentine, Ebenezer, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.


6th Mass., 20 May 1780 to 12 June 1783. Died 1823.

Ballasseure, James, Rhode Island—Surgeon’s Mate.


26th May, 1777. Resigned 1st Feb. 1778.

Bangs, Isaac, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.

Banks, James, Virginia—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.

Bannell, Amos, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.

Barber, Thomas, New Jersey—Surgeon.

Bard, Samuel, New York—Examining Surgeon.

Barker, Abner, New Hampshire—Surgeon.


Surgeon, Reed’s N. H. Rangers 26 Aug. 1775 to July 1776.


Surgeon, Bedel’s N. H. Regt. 1776-77.

Barnard, Moses,—Surgeon's Mate.


Whitcomb’s Mass. Regiment, May to Dec. 1775.

Barnes, Joseph, —Surgeon, Gillman’s N. H. Regt. 1776.

Barnes, Simeon, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.

Barnett, Artox, Virginia,—Surgeon Navy.

Barnett, Oliver, New Jersey—Surgeon.

Barnett, William M., New Hampshire—Surgeon.


1st N. H. 8 Dec. 1775.


Hospital Surgeon, May 1778; served to June 1782.

Barnum, Samuel, N. Y.—Surgeon, Crane’s Militia Regt.

Barret, Jeremiah, Connecticut—Surgeon.

Barry, Michael, Virginia—Surgeon.



3rd Continental Dragoons 1st Nov. 1779 to —.

Bartlett, Daniel, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.


4th Mass. 1 Jan. 1777; transferred to 11th Mass. 1st June, 1778.


Surgeon, 12 Sept. 1780 to Jan. 1781. Died Dec. 25, 1819.

Bartlett, John, Rhode Island—Surgeon State troops,


15 Jan. 1776.


Surgeon, Richmond’s Regiment Militia 19 Aug. 1776.


Physician and Surgeon General Northern Dept. 11 April 1777.


Retired 1 Jan. 1781.

Bartlett, Josiah, New Hampshire.


*Signer of Declaration of Independence.


Colonel N. H. Militia, 1777-79.


Subsequently Governor of N. H.

Bartlett, Philip, Virginia—Surgeon.

Bartlett, Thomas, New Hampshire.


Member Continental Congress.

Bass, Robert, Pennsylvania—Procured medicines.

Batchelder, Joseph, Massachusetts—Member Provincial Congress.

Baylies, William, Massachusetts—Surgeon. Not on Muster rolls.

Bazaleel,—, Dr., New York.


Beanes, Colmore, Maryland—Surgeon’s Mate.


2nd Maryland 25 June ‘77 to 12 Oct. ‘77.

Beadle,— , Surgeon.

Beans, William, Maryland—Member Committee of Observation.

Beardsley, Ebenezer, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.


7th Conn. 7 July to 10 Dec. 1775.


Surgeon, 2nd Conn. Infantry 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. 1776.


Surgeon, 6 Conn. 1 Jan. 1777.


Resigned 1 June 1778.

Beardsley, Gershom, New York—Surgeon’s Mate.


Hospital Surgeon’s Mate 1776-79.

Beatty, John, Pennsylvania—Colonel.


Capt., 5th Pa. Jan. 5, 1776.


Major, 6th Pa. Oct. 12, 1776.


Prisoner, Nov. 16, 1776; exchanged May 8, 1777.


Major, 6th Pa. Jan. 1, 1778.


Colonel, May 28, 1778.


Resigned March 31, 1780. Died 1826.

Beatty, Readings, Pennsylvania—Surgeon’s Mate.


Surgeon’s Mate, 6th Pa. 8th May, 1778.


Surgeon, 11th Pa. 1st May, 1780.


Surgeon, 4th Artillery 10th Feb. 1781; served to end of war.


Previously a 2nd Lieut. of the line and a prisoner at Fort Washington.


Died 29 Oct. 1831.

Beaumont, H., New Jersey—Surgeon.

Beecher, Elisha, Pennsylvania—Surgeon.

Benny, Thomas, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.


12th Mass. 1 Jan. 1777. Resigned 28 August 1777.

Benzell, Charles, Pennsylvania—Member of Committee.

Benzell, Charles, Jr., Pennsylvania—Attended soldiers.

Berry,—, Pennsylvania—Surgeon’s Mate.


7th Regiment, 1770-80.

Betts, Thaddeus, Connecticut—Member of Assembly.

Bicknell, Josiah, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.

Billings, Benjamin, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.


Militia, 1778-1780.

Binney, Barnabas, Massachusetts—Hospital Surgeon, May 1776.


Hospital Physician and Surgeon, 6 Oct. 1780 to end of war. Died 1787.

Bird, Jonathan, Connecticut—Surgeon, Militia, 1776 to 1777.

Bird, Seth, Connecticut—Medical Examiner.

Bissell, Elihu, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.


Sherburne’s Regiment 10 Sept. 1777. Resigned 24 April, 1780.

Bishop, Smith, Maryland—Attended Capt. Walkins’ Co.

Black, —, Pennsylvania—Surgeon’s Mate, 9th Penna., 1777-80.

Blackwell, Robt., Pennsylvania—Surgeon, 1st. Penn. 1777-80.

Blakely, Zealous, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.


Blanchard, John, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.


Hospital Department in 1776.

Blanchard, Samuel, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.


Gerrish's Regt., 8 June to Dec. 1775.

Bland, Theodoric, Virginia—Gen. and M. C.


Captain, Dragoons, 1776.


Major, Lt. Dragoons 4 Dec. 1776.


Col., 1st Dragoons 25 Nov. 1776.

Blish, Ezra, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.

Bloomfield, Samuel, —Surgeon’s Mate, 3rd N. J. in 1777.

Bloomfield, Moses, New Jersey—Member Prov. Congress.


Hospital Surgeon, 14 May, 1777.


Hospital Physician and Surgeon, 6 Oct. 1780.


Resigned 13 Dec. 1780. Died 1791.

Blyth, Joseph, North Carolina—Surgeon.


Surgeon, 1st N. C. 12 July 1776.


Prisoner at Charlestown 12 May 1780; exchanged 14 June, 1781.


Surgeon, 4th N. C. in 1782 to close of war.

Boardman, Stephen, New Hampshire—Prov. Congress.

Bogart, Nicholas, Rhode Island—Surgeon’s Mate.


Olney's Regiment 1 May 1781 to end of war.

Bond, John,—Mate Gale’s N. H. Militia Regt.

Bond, Nathaniel, Massachusetts.


Surgeon, Glover's Regiment 21 April to Dec. 1775.


Captain, 14th Continental Infantry Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1776.


Surgeon, Hospital Department, 1777 to—.

Bond, Thomas, Jr., Pennsylvania—Examining Surgeon.


Purveyor, Hospital Dept. 6 Oct. 1780 to end of war.

Bordley, William, Maryland—Committee of Observation.

Bourk, Thomas, Maryland—Captain of Militia.


Capt., 4th Battalion of Flying Camp July to Dec. 1776.

Bowen, Benaiah, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.

Bowen, Isaack, Rhode Island—Surgeon’s Mate.


1st Regt. 1776. Surgeon 2nd Regt. 1776.

Bowen, Pardon.

Bowen, —, Pennsylvania—Assistant Surgeon.

Boyd, Benjamin, Maryland—Surgeon’s Mate.

Boyd, Hugh, North Carolina—Surgeon.


Surgeon, 4th No. Carolina 17 April 1776 to

Boyd, John James—Surgeon, Schooner “General Putnam.”

Boyd, Robert, Pennsylvania—Surgeon.


1st Pa. Battalion 19 April 1776; resigned 13 June, 1776.

Boyde, John, Maryland—Member Convention.

Brackett, Joshua, New Hampshire—Judge.

Bradford, William, Rhode Island—Member of Committee of Safety.

Bramfield,—, South Carolina—Surgeon to Marion's Corps.


Breed, Nathaniel, New Hampshire—Prov. Congress.
    Surgeon’s Mate, 3rd New Hampshire May to Dec. 1775.
    Surgeon’s Mate, 2nd Continental Infantry 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. 1776.
    Surgeon, Militia later.
Brevard, Ephraim, North Carolina—Surgeon.
    Author, Mecklenburg Declaration.
    Surgeon, 1st No. Carolina.
    Prisoner at Chas’n 12 May 1780. Died 1783.
Brewer, Chauncey, Massachusetts—Prov. Congress.
Brewer, Thomas, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate, Brewer's Regt. 1777.
Brickett, James, Massachusetts—Surgeon and Lt. Col.
    Lt. Col. Frye’s Regt. 20 April 1775; wounded at Bunker Hill.
    Brig. General, Massachusetts Militia later.
Brickett, Daniel, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.
Briggs, Richard, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.
    Not on muster rolls.
Brigham, Origen, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate.
    Warner’s Regiment 1 Aug. 1777 to 1 Jan. 1781.
    Surgeon’s Mate, 2nd Mass. 25 April 1781 to June 1783.
Brinkerman, Valentine,—Surgeon's Mate, Navy.
Briscoe, John Hanson, Maryland—Surgeon.
    Hospital Department, 27 Aug. 1776.
    Surgeon, 2nd Maryland 1 Jan. 1777.
    Resigned 9 Jan 1778.
Britain, John, Virginia—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.
Broadwater, John, Virginia—Surgeon Navy.
Brockenborough,— , Virginia,—Surgeon.
Brodie, Ludovick, Virginia—Surgeon's Mate, 2nd Va. State Regt. 14 March to 1778.
    Surgeon, 15 Aug. 1778 to 2nd Aug. 1782.
Broguard, John B.—Surgeon in the Corps of Foreign Volunteers of Duc de Lauzun.
Brohon, James, Maryland—Employed by Committee of Safety.
Bronson, Isaac, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.
    2nd Continental Dragoons 14 Nov. 1779 to end of war.
Brooke, Lawrence, Virginia—Surgeon State Navy.
*Brooks, John, Massachusetts—Lt. Col. Line.
    Capt., Major, Lt. Col.,  Brig. Gen., U. S. Army 11 Apr. 1792 to 1796.
    Died 1825.
Brooks, Laurence, New Hampshire—Surgeon on ship “Bon Homme”.
Brooks, Richard, Maryland—Member of Convention.
Brooks, Samuel, New Hampshire—Member of Prov. Congress.
*Browne, Jacob, Massachusetts—Surgeon’s Mate, Scammon's Mass. Regt.
    May to Dec. 1775.
Brown, Benjamin, New Hampshire—Member of Prov. Congress.
Brown, Daniel, Massachusetts,—Surgeon’s Mate.
    9th Continental Inf. 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. 1776.


Brown, Daniel, Virginia—Surgeon.
    14 Regt. 8 June 1778 to 26 Sept. 1778.
Brown, Ezekiel, Massachusetts—Surgeon.
*Brown, James, Maryland or S. C.
    Chief Physician and Surgeon, South Dept., 22 March 1780 to June 1782.
Brown, Joseph, New York—Surgeon.
Brown, John C., Pennsylvania—Surgeon 9th Pa. Dec. 1776 to Jan. 1777.
Brown, John J., Virginia—Surgeon’s Mate.
    3rd Va. 17 Oct. 1781 to 1 Jan. 1782.
Brown, Joseph, Virginia—Surgeon.
Brown, Joseph, Pennsylvania—Surgeon’s Mate 7th Pa. Jan. 1777.
    Surgeon, (July 1777) 13th Pennsylvania Regt. Retired 1 July 1778.
    Died 1835.
Brown, Samuel, Conn., Surgeon’s Mate, Huntington’s Regt. 1777-79.
Brown, Stephen, Massachusetts—Surgeon Militia.
*Brown, William, Virginia—
    Asst. Surg. of the Flying Camp, 19 Sept. to 1 Dec. 1776.
    Surgeon Gen. of the Hospital, Middle Dept., 13 May 1777.
    Physician and Director General of Hospitals, 6 Feb. 1778.
    Resigned 21 July, 1780.
Browne, Dr., Maryland—Attended soldiers.
Browner,— , Massachusetts.
Brownfield, Robert, North Carolina.
    Surgeon's Mate, 2nd South Carolina in 1778; served to close of war.
Brownley, John, Virginia.—
    Surgeon's Mate in a Va. regiment. Prisoner at Charleston, 1780.
Brownson, Nathan, Georgia,— Purveyor of Hospitals, Southern Army, 27 March 1781 to close of war.
    Died 1796.
Brunson, Asa, Connecticut—Surgeon’s Mate.
Bryant, William, New Jersey—Surgeon.
Buchanan, James, Pennsylvania—Surgeon.
Buckner, Horace, Dr., Virginia.
Buck, Henry, Pennsylvania—
    Surgeon's Mate, Miles’ Pa., Rifle Regt., 22nd March to Nov. 1776.
Buck, Henry, N. Y.—Surgeon, DuBois’ Regt., The Levies.
Buck, James, Pennsylvania—Surgeon’s Mate.
Budd, Barnabas, New Jersey—Surgeon.
Budd, Daniel, New York—
    Surgeon, N. Y. Militia. Surgeon Van Schaick’s Regt., 1776.
    Prisoner, 20 April 1779 at Onondaga.
Budd, George, Maryland—Surgeon, Ship “Defense”.
Budd, John, South Carolina—Surgeon, 4th Artillery Regt.
Bull, Ezekial, Pennsylvania—
    Surgeon's Mate, Hartley’s Regt. 1777. Resigned 13 Feb. 1778.
    Surgeon's Mate, Hospital Dept. later.


Bull, Thomas, North Carolina—
    Surgeon's Mate, 10th N. C. Dec. 1780 to 1783.
Bulfinch, Thomas, Massachusetts. (Not on rolls).
Burk, James, Va., Surgeon Navy.
Burke, Thomas, North Carolina—Member Continental Congress.
Burnap, Nathan, Massachusetts.
    Surgeon’s Mate, Doolittle's Regt. May to Dec. 1775.
    Surgeon’s Mate, 4th Conn. Inf. 1 Jan. 1776 to 7 March 1776.
Burnett, William, New Jersey-—Surgeon, N. J. Militia 17 Feb. 1776.
    Phys. and Surg. Gen., Eastern Dept. 11 Apr. 1777.
    Hosp. Phys. and Surg,. 6 Oct. 1780.
    Chief Physician and Hospital Surgeon, March 1781 to close of war.
    Died 1791.
Burnett, William, New Jersey—Surgeon 1st Battalion 1775-76.
Burrell, Charles, Pennsylvania—Aid to Council of Safety.
Burrett, Anthony, Connecticut—Surgeon.


Cadwallader, Thomas, Pa.—Surgeon.
*Caldwell, Andrew, Pa.—Mate, Hospital.
*Calvert, Jonathan, Md.—Mate, 1st Cont. Artillery, 30 Nov. 1777 to 8 Oct. 78.
    Mate, Va. State Regt. 1778-1880.
*Campbell, Alex, Mass—Member Prov. Congress.
*Campbell, Geo., N. Y.—H. S. Mate, 11 April 1777 to 20 June 1780.
Campbell, Geo., N. J.—Hospital Surgeon 1777.
Campbell, Tasquar, N. C.—Surgeon’s Mate.
*Campfield, Jabez, N. J.—Surgeon’s Mate.
*Canfield, Jabez, N. J. (Conn.?)—Spencer’s Regt. 1 Jan. 1777 to 1 Jan. 1781.
    Surgeon 2nd Cont. Dragoons, 17 Aug. 1781 to end of war.
*Carnes, Patrick, S. C.—Surgeon's Mate, 1st Cont. Dragoons Aug. 1777, and
    Deputy Apothecary, Southern Department, 29 Feb. ‘81 to end of war.
Carey, —, N. Y.—Mustermaster.
Carling, —, Mass.—Furnished supplies.
Carmichael, John F., Pa.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Carrington, Elias, Va.—Examining Surgeon.
Carter, Charles M., N. J.—Surgeon, Morgan’s Rifle Corps, June 10 ‘77.
*Carter, Wm., Va.—-Hosp. Surg., July 1776 to close of war. Died 1798.
Carter, Thomas, Va.—Surgeon.
Carter, James, Virginia.
*Cathcart, Wm., Pa.—Surgeon, 4th Continental Dragoons, 1 Apr. ‘77-1 May ‘78.
*Cather, Abel, Conn.—Surgeon, 4th Conn. June 1778.
Carver, Eleazer, Mass. Adjutant of Militia 1776.
    Surgeon in Watertown Hospital later.
Carlyle, John, Va.—Surg. Asst.
*Catlin, Abiel, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, 4th Regt. 1775.
*Chadwick, Edmund, N. H.—Surgeon’s Mate 3rd N. H. 8 Nov. ‘76.


    Surgeon 1 April ‘78 - 19 Sept. ‘78.
*Chalker, Isaac, Conn.—Surgeon's Mate, 1st Conn. Aug. to Dec. ‘75.
Chalmers, Lionel, S. C.—Attended prisoners.
Chapin, John, Va.—Navy.
Chaplin, Benj. Va.—Surgeon.
Charlton, John, N. Y.—Member Committee of Observation.
Champion, Reuben, Conn., Died at Ticonderoga in 1777 of camp fever.
*Chase, John, R. 1.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Chase, Josiah, N. H.—Surgeon’s Mate, 1st N. H. 23 May - 31 Dec. 1775.
    5th Continental Inf. 1 Jan. - 31 Dec. 1776.
    Surg., N. H. Militia, Stickney’s Reg-t. 1777.
Chase, Joshua, Mass.—Surgeon's Mate, 13th Mass. 1 Jan. - 23 June ‘77.
Chase, Solomon, N. H.—Surgeon, Hobart’s Militia Regt.
*Cheney, Penuel, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, 4th Regt. 1775.
Chessman, Thos., Va.—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.
Cheever, Ahiljah, Mass.——Surgeon Navy.
Chester, Isaac, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Childs, Timothy, Mass.—Surgeon, Patterson’s Regt. 1775.
*Christie, Thos. Va.—Surg., 1st Cont. Art., 1 April ‘78 - June ‘83.
*Church, Benjamin, Mass.—Director of Hospitals 27 July - 7 Nov. ‘75.
    Lost at sea May 1, 1775.
*Church, Samuel,—Surgeon, Hazen’s Canadian Regt., 10 April ‘77 - Dec. ‘77.
*Clark, Hezekiah, Conn.—Surg. Mate, 3rd Conn. 22 June ‘78 - 1 Jan. ‘81.
Clark, Gerardus, Pa.——Attending soldiers.
Clark, John, Mass.—Examining Surgeon.
Clark, Joseph, Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate, Militia 1776-81.
Clayton, Joshua, Del.—Member Prov. Congress.
*Clements, Mace, Va.—Surgeon’s Mate, 7th Va. Feb. 1777.
    Surgeon, 15th Va. 1 Sept. 1777. Surg., 11th Va. 1777. Retired 12 Feb. ‘81.
Cleveland, Parker, Mass.—Surgeon Sargent’s 16th May 22 - July 31, 1775.
Clieland, John, S. C.—Surgeon or Mate, 3rd Regt.
*Coates, John, N. 1.—Surgeon, DuBois’ Regt. 26 June ‘76.
Coats,—, Dr.,—Treated wounded at Brandywine.
*Cobb, David, Mass.—2nd Lt. Thomas Regt. May to Dec. 1775.
    Lt. Col., Jackson’s Mass. Regt. 12 Jan. ‘77 - 23 July 1780.
    Lt. Col., 9th Mass. 1 Jan. 1781.
    Aide de Camp to George Washington 15 Jan. ‘81 - 7 Jan. ‘83.
    Lt. Col., 5th Mass. 7 Jan. ‘83.
    Brevet Brig. Gen. 30 Sept. 1783 to June 1783.
*Cochran, John, Pa.—Phys. and Surg. Gen. Middle Dept. 11 Apr. ‘77 to 1780.
    Chief Phys. & Surg. of the Army, 6 Oct. 1780.
    Dir. Gen'l. of Mil. Hospitals, 17 Jan. 1781 to end of war.
Codman, Henry,—Surg. Nichol’s N. H. Militia Regt.
Coffin, Nathaniel, Maine.
Coggswell, James, Mass—Surgeon, Silliman’s Conn. Regt. 1776-7.
Coggswell, Mason F., Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Coggswell, Wm., N. 11.—Surgeon.


Cobhorn, John, Pa.—Member Council of Safety.
Cole, Walter K. Va.—Surgeon, Navy.
Coleman, Asaph, Conn.—Surgeon, Bedden’s Regt. ‘79. Butler’s in 1777.
Coleman, Noah, Conn.—Surgeon, 2nd Conn. 1 May 1777 to 1 Jan. 1781.
Conant, John, Va.—Surg., Clarke’s Expedition.
Conant, , Mass.—Surgeon, Gay’s Conn. Regt. 1776-77.
Condict, John, N. J.,—Surgeon.
Condit, John, N. J.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Cook, James,—Surgeon, Navy.
Cook, John, N.H.—Surgeon, Militia, Tash’s Regt. 1776.
Cook, Nathaniel, Mass.—Surgeon's Mate, Militia, 1776-77.
Cook, Wmn., Va.—Surgeon, Navy.
*Cooke, Samnuel, N.Y.—Surgeon, 5th N. Y. 25 Aug. 1775 to Jan. 1776.
    Surgeon, Ellmore’s Conn. Regt. 15 April, 1776.
    Surgeon, 5th N. V. 15 April 1777 to 1 Jan. 1781.
Cooley, Samuel, N. C.—Surgeon, 5th Regt. 1776-78.
*Cornelius, Elias, R. 1.—Surgeon’s Mate, 2nd R.I., 1 Jan. ‘77 - Jan. 1781.
    Prisoner 22 Aug. 1777 to March 1778.
Corbet, John, Mass.—Member of Prov. Congress.
Corkey, A. M.—Surgeon.
Corkey, Wm.—Surgeon's Mate.
Cornelius, Elias, N. Y.—Surg., 3rd Regt., Westchester Militia.
Courts, Richard H., Md.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Coventry, John, Pa.—Hospital Mate.
Cowell, David.
Cowell, John, Pa.— Hospital Surgeon.
Cox, John, Pa.—Major of Militia.
Crabb, John, Va.—Surgeon, Navy.
Craddock, Thos. Md.—Member Baltimore Committee of Safety.
Craigie, Andrew, Mass.—Apothecary.
Craig, —, Md.—Attended militia.
Craik, James, Va.—Chief  Hosp. Phys. and Surg., 6 Oct. 1780.
    Chief Phys. and Surg. of Army, 3 March 1781 - 23 Dec. ‘83.
    Phys. Gen., U. S. Army 19 July 1789 - 15 June 1800.
*Crampton, Bazil, Va.—Surgeon’s Mate, Grayson’s Regt. Sept. 1777.
    Surgeon, 11th Va. 1 Dec. 1777.
    Died 10 Jan. 1778.
Cranee, Joseph, N. Y.—Surgeon, 3rd Regt. Dutehess Co. Militia.
*Crane, John, Mass.—Surg., 1st Mass. 1777-78.
    Surg., 6th Mass 1 Jan. 1781 to 1 Jan. 1783.
Crane, John, S. C.—Apothecary.
Crane, Joseph, N. Y.—Member Prov. Congress.
Craven, —, N. J.—Surgeon.
Cregier, John, N. Y.—Surgeon.
*Crocker, John, Jr., Conn.—Surgeon, Walcott’s Conn. State Regt. 20 June
    1776 to 31 Dec.


Crocker, John, Mass.—Surgeon, Scammon’s Regt. 1775, later Surg. in Navy.
*Crosby, Ebenezer, Conn.—Surgeon, State troops, 1777-81.
Crosby, Samuel, Mass.—Surgeon, Ward’s Regt. 1775-76.
Crosby, Samuel, Mass.—Surgeon, 21st Cont. Inf. 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. 1776.
Crossman, —, Mass.—Kept account of Indian affairs.
Crunden, Edward, Va.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Cuerden, John, N. Y.—Surgeon, 12th Albany Co. Militia.
*Culbertson, Samuel, Va.—Surgeon, 12th Va.—March 1777 to 21 April 1778.
Cummins, Robert, N.J.—Surgeon’s Mate.
*Currie, Wm., Pa.—Surgeon, Atlee's Battalion, 1775-76.
*Curtis, Benjamin, N.Y.—Surg., 1st N. Y.-—1 March 1776 - 3 Nev. 1776.
Curtiss, Samuel, N. H.—Surgeon.
Cushing, John, N.H.—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.
Cushing, Lemuel, Mass.—Surgeon, Thomas’ Regt. May - Dec. 1775.
    Surgeon, 23rd Cont. Inf. 1 Jan. - 31 Dec. 1776.
Cutter, A. R., Mass.—Surgeon.
*Cutting, John B., N.H.—Apothecary Eastern Dept. 10 July, 1777 - 1779.
    Apothecary, middle Dept. 1779 - 10 June 1780.


Daggett, Ebenezer, Mass.—Member Prov. Congress.
Dakin, Amos, N. H.—Member house of Representatives.
Daling, Timothy,—Surgeon.
Daly, James,—Surgeon Navy.
Darcy, John, Pa.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Dashiell, Wm., Md.—Surgeon, 3rd Regt., 1777-80.
*Davidson, James, Pa.—Surgeon, 5th Pa. 5 April ‘77 - 1 Jan. ‘83.
*Davies, John, Pa.—Surgeon, Miles' Rifle Bn. 22 March 1776.
    Prisoner 27 August 1776 to 8 Dec. 1776. Surgeon, Patton’s Regt. 1 Mch
    1777. Surgeon, 11th Pa. 16 Dec. 1778 - April 1779.
*Davies, Joseph, Pa.—Surgeon's Mate, Miles’ Rifle Bn. 1776-77. Prisoner 27 August 1776.
Davis, John, Pa.—Surgeon, Miles’ Batt. 1776. Captured on Long Island.
Davis, John, N. C.
Davis, Joseph, Va.—Surgeon, 7th Va. 4 March 1778.
    Surgeon, 3rd Va. 12 Feb. ‘81 to end of war.
Davis, Samuel, Pa.—Hospital Surgeon's Mate. Day, Elkanah, N. Y.—Captain.
Day, Isaac, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate 2nd Conn. 1 May ‘77 - 6 Oct. ‘78.
Dayton, David, N. Y.—Member Prov. Congress.
Dayton, Jonathan, S. C.—Attended prisoners.
Dearborn, Levi, N. H.—Surgeon, Drakes’ Regt. Militia.                    
*Dearborn, Henry, N. H.—Major General. See Canadian Expedition.
Dearborn, Levi, N. H.—Member Prov. Congress.
Delaney, Wm.,—Served in Morgan’s Rifle Corps at Saratoga.


Delaney, Sharp, Pa.—Rendered services.
*DeBenneville, Daniel, Va. —Surgeon, Va. State Regt. 1777-81.
DeBevier, France——Surgeon’s Mate.
DeFlorat, Jean A. Pa.—Surgeon’s Mate.
DeGraim, Walter, N. J.—Member of Convention.
De la Home, S. C.—Attended wounded.
DeLano, Calvin, N. Y.—Surgeon, Willett’s Regt.
DeLavergne, Benjamin, N. Y.—Member Prov. Congress.
*Denwood, Levin, Md.—Surgeon, 3rd Maryland, 1783.
Detrick, Michael, Pa.—Surgeon’s Mate.
DeWitt, Benjamin, N. Y.—Member Prov. Congress.
*Dexter, Wm., Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate, Ward's Regt. 1775.
Dickenson, John, Conn.—Examining Surgeon.
Dickinson, —, Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.
Dickinson, Nathaniel, Vt.—Surgeon.
Diggs, Joseph, Md.—Committee of Observation.
Dinsmnore, Wm., Mass.—Member Prov. Congress.
Dixon, Anthony, (or Nixon) Anthony Tucker, Va.—Surgeon, State Militia.
Dobson, Robert, Va.—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.
Dole, Enoch, Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate, B. Doolittle’s Regt. 29th, 1775.
Dole. Edmond,—Surgeon’s Mate, Whitney’s Regt. 1776.
Donaldson, ———, Mass.—Killed by British.
Dorris, Wm. B., N. J.—Surgeon’s Mate, Spencer’s Regt. 1777.
Dorsey, John, N. J.—Surgeon’s Mate, Spencer’s Regt. 11 Jan. 1777 - Jan. 1, ‘81.
Dorsey, John, Maryland.
Douglas, John, Pa.—Surgeon, Ewings Militia Regt. 1776; Surgeon 5th Regt. 1777 - 1778.
Downer, Abraham, N. H.—Offered services.
Downer, Avery. Conn.—Surgeon.
Downer, Eliphalet, Mass.—Volunteer surgeon at Lexington and Concord.
    Surgeon 24th Cont. Infantry. Heath’s Regt. 1 Jan. - 31 Dec. 1776.
    Later served in Navy, twice made prisoner and twice escaped.
Downey, Ezekiel, Pa.—Surgeon, 6th Pa., 6 Oct. 1780 to end of war.
Downing, Richard, Md.—Surgeon's Mate.
*Draper, George, N.J.—Hosp. Phys. and Surg., 6 Oct. 1780 to end of war.
Draper, George, Va.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Drowne, Solomon, 11. 1.—Surgeon’s Mate.
DuBarry, Wm., Pa.—Surgeon’s Mate.
*Duff, Edward, Va.—Surgeon, 10th Va. 20 Sept. ‘78.
    Surgeon, 6th Va. March ‘79.
Duff, Newport, Del.—Surgeon.
Duffield, Benjamin, Pa.—Attended pesthouse.
Duffield, ,John, Pa.—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.                        
Duffield, John, Mass.—Surgeon, Crane’s Regt. Artillery, Sept. 30, 1782.
Duffield, Samuel, Pa.—Senior hospital Phys. and Surgeon.
*Dunham, Lewis F., N. J.—Surgeon, 3rd N. J. Feb. - Oct. ‘76, 28 Nov. ‘76 to March 1778.


Dunham, Lewis,—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.
Dunham, Obadiah, N. H.—Member Gen’l Convention.
Dunlap, James, Pa.—Surgeon, Navy.
Durant, Edward, Mass.—Surgeon, Mansfield’s Regt. 1775, 28 June - Oct.
Durimam, Abijah, N. H.—Member General Convention.
Dusenbury, Wm., N. Y.—Applied for “surgency.”
Dwight,—, Mass. Member Prov. Congress.
Dyar, Benjamin, Conn.—Furnished medicines.
Dyer, Jared, R. I.—Surgeon.


*Eager, Geo. N. 11.—Surgeon’s Mate, Bedell’s N. H. Regt. 1775-76.
    Surgeon, Bedell’s N. H. Regt. 15 Dec. ‘77 - Nov. ‘79.
Eager, George, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Eaker, Joseph, Pa.—Hospital Phys. and Surgeon.
Easton, Jonathan, 11. I.
*Edgar, Geo. N. 11.—Surgeon’s Mate, Bedell’s N. H. Regt. Jan. - Nov. 1776.
Edminston, Samuel, Pa.—Hospital Surgeon.
Edwards, Enoch, N. J.——Surgeon.
Edwards, Joshua, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, Navy.
Edwards, Joshua, Pa.—Surgeon.
Egbert, Jacob V., Ga.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Ehrenzeller, Jacob, Pa.—Surgeon.
Elbert, John L. Md.—Surgeon’s Mate, 5th Regt. 1783.
Elderkin, Joshua. Conn.
Ellicott, ---, Conn.—Surgeon.
*Elliot, John, N. Y.—Surgeon’s Mate, 3rd N. Y. 21 Nov. 1776 - 1 Jan. 1781.
    Surgeon’s Mate, 1st N. Y.  Jan. ‘81 - 3 Nov. ‘83.
    Surgeon’s Mate, U. S. A. 12 April 1785 - 29 Sept. 1789.
    Surgeon, U. S. A. 3 March 1791 - 1 June 1802.
Elliot, William, Mass.—Surgeon, Militia, 1780.
Elliott, Benj., S. C.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Elliott, John, N.Y.—Surgeon’s Mate, Van Schack’s Regt.
Elmer, Eberiezer, N. J.—Surgeon, 2nd Batt., July 5, 1778.
*Ellis, Benj., Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, 6th Conn. July to Oct. 1775.
    *Elmer, Moses G., N. J.—Surgeon’s Mate, 3rd N. J. 28th Aug. 1778.
    Transferred to 2nd N. J. 1 Jan. 1781 - 3 Nov. 1783
Elimore, Jonathan—Member  Cont. Congress.
*Ely, Elisha, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, 10th Conn. Inf. 1 Jan. 1776.
    Surgeon, 19th Conn. Inf. 19 Jul. - 31 Dec. ‘76.
    Captain, 6th Conn. Jan. 1, 1777; resigned 28 Aug. 1780.
Ely, Benjamin, N. Y.
Ely, John, Conn.—Surgeon and Major.
*Emerson, Peter, N. H. Surgeon N. H. Militia, 1778-1880.
Emerson, Samuel, Mass.—Surgeon.
Endicott, John, Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate.


Endicott, Samuel, N. H.—Surgeon.
Eneris, Solomon, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, Meigs’ Regt., (6th), 1780-81.
English, James, N. J.—Surgeon's Mate.
Ervin, Daniel, N. J.—Surgeon, 1st Regt., 1777-1780.
*Eustis, Wm., Mass.—Surgeon, Governor, Secretary of War, etc.
    *Evans, George, Va.—Surgeon, 3rd Cont. Dragoons 20 May, ‘77. Taken prisoner at Tappan, 28 Sept. 1777; exchanged. Resigned 1 Aug. 1779.
*Evans, Thos. Va.—Surgeon’s Mate 3rd Cont. Dragoons, 7 June, 1777.
    Resigned 1 June, 1779.
Evens, Solomon, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate 6 Conn. 24 Sept. 1780 - 1 Jan. 1781.
Ewen, David, N. J.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Ewing, Thos., N. J.—Surgeon and Major.


*Fairbanks, Geo. Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate, 14th Mass. 6 Nov. 1776.
    Surgeon 14th Mass. 5 Sept. 1777. Resigned 9 April, 1778.
Fallon, James,—Senior Hospital Phys. and Surgeon. Fanning, John, Conn.—Surgeon.
Farrar, Field, S. C.—Secretary Prov. Congress.
*Farrish, Robert, Va.—Hosp. Surgeon’s Mate 13 May 1780 - 1 Jan. 1781.
Faugh, George, N. Y.—Surgeon’s Mate, Willet’s Regt.
Fay, Jonas, Vt.—Member Council of Safety.
*Fayssoux, Peter, France—lst Lt. S. C. Regiment, July 13, 1778.
    Prisoner at Charleston. Chief Phys. and Surg. of Hosp. Southern Dept.
Fenton, Joseph, Pa.
Fergus, James, N. C.—Surgeon.
Ferguson, Robert, Va.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Ferguson, Samuel, S. C.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Feron, J. France—Surgeon.
Ferrand, John, N. Y.—Surgeon, 2nd Regt., Orange Co., Militia.
Field, Samuel, Conn.
    Finley, James E. B., Mass.—Surgeon 15th Mass. 25 Feb. 1778; transferred to 5th Mass. 1 Jan. 1781; to 4th Mass. 12 June, 1783. Served to Nov. 3, 1783.
Finley, Joseph, Mass.
    Finley, Samuel, Mass.—Bradford’s Regt. April 1778 - Dec. 1779; also to 1780
    Surgeon, Brooks’ 7th Regt. March 1781 to March 1783.
Fisher, Adam, Md.—Member Council of Safety.
Fisher, Joshua, Mass.——Surgeon, Navy.
Fisk, Ebenezer, N. H.—Attended wounded.
Fisk, Joseph, Mass.—Surgeon. At Lexington alarm. Surgeon, Vose’s Regt.
    Jan. 1777 to August 1783.
Fiske, Caleb, R. I.
*Fitch, Abel, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, Waterbury’s Regt. 1775-76.
*Flagg, Henry C., S. C.—-Surgeon 1st Regt. 1775. Apothecary General S. Dept. 1779 to close of war.
Flagg, John, Mass.—Lt. Col. of Militia.


Flagg, Samuel, N. 11.—Surgeon, Gale’s Regt.
Folke, John G., N. Y.—Surgeon 3rd Tryon Co., Militia.
Foot, Nathan, N. H.—
*Forgues, Francis, Conn.—Surgeon 7th Conn. 6 July 10 - Dec. 1775.
    Surgeon, 19th Cont. Inf. 1 Jan. 1776 - 3 July 1776.
    Surgeon General, Northern Dept., 11 April - July 1777.
Forman, Wm., N. Y.——Surgeon.
*Fosdick, Thomas, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate, April 1775. Surgeon’s Mate, 6th
    Conn. 29 May to Dec. 31, 1775.
*Foster, Benjamin, Mass.—Surgeon, Fry’s Regt., May to Dec., 1775.
Foster, Abiel, N. H.—Member General Assembly.
Foster, Isaac, Mass.—Surgeon at Baker’s Hill, 1776.
    Hospital Surgeon 11 April 1777.
    Deputy Director General Hosp’s., Eastern Dept., Apr. 10, ‘77 - Sept. 30, ‘80.
    Retired 6 Oct. 1780; died Feb. 1781.
Foushee, (or Faushee) William, Va.
Frank, Adam, N. Y.—Surgeon of Militia.
Frank, Adam, N. Y.—Surgeon, 1st Tryon Co., Militia.
Freeland, James, Mass.—Surgeon, Learned’s Regt., 1775.
    Surgeon, Holman’s Regt., 1776-1777.
Freeman, Melancthon, N. J.—Surgeon of Militia.
Fridges, Harris Clary, Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate, Mansfield’s Regt. 1775.
Frink, Calvin, N. H. —Surgeon’s Mate 1st N. H. 23 May to 31 Dec. 1775.
    Surgeon, Wyman’s Militia Regt., 1777-78.
Frink, Thomas, N. H.—Surgeon, Ashley’s Regt., 1777.
*Fuller, Jonathan, Mass.—Surgeon, 14th Mass. 1 Jan. ‘77; deserted 16 Aug. ‘77.
*Fullerton, Humphrey, Va.—Surgeon ,State Regt. 1777-81.
Fulton, James, Pa.—Hospital Surgeon.


Gale, Benjamin, Conn.—Examining Surgeon.
Gale, Samuel, Conn.—Surgeon.
Galt, John M. Va.—Hospital Surgeon.
Galt, Patrick, Va.—Surgeon, 9th Va., 1776-7, died at Morristown.
Gates, Laban, Vt.—Surgeon, Militia.
Garden, Alex, S. C.—Surgeon to prisoners.
Gardiner, Richard, Penn.—Surgeon.
Gardner, John, N. Y.—Surgeon's Mate.
Gardner, Joseph, Penn.— ?
Gardner, N., N. Y.— ?
Gardner, Nathan, N. H.—Surg., Cilley’s Regt., 1781-3.
Gay, Samuel, Va.—Surg. Cont. Line.
Geekie, James, N. C.—Surgeon.
George, John, Mass.—Mate, Heath’s Regt., 1775.
Gerwoud, Wm., Md.—Surg. Mate.
Gibbs,—, Vt.—Mate, Wallbridge’s Regt.


Gibson, John, Va.—Surg., Navy.
Gibson, James, Va.—Surg., Navy.
Giddings, John, N.H.—Member of Assembly.
Gilbert, Ebenezer, Surg. on the Revenge.
Gilbert, John, Penn.—Mate, 4th Arty., 1777-8.
Gilder, Reuben, Del.—Surg., Del. Regt.
Giles,—, Dr.—Apothecary General.
Gill, James,—Surgeon, Artillery.
Gillett, Abraham, S. C.—Surgeon.
Gilman, Josiah, N. H.—Inspector of saltpetre.
Gilmer, George, Va.—Hospital surgeon.
Glentworth, Geo., Penn.—Senior Hosp. P. & S.
Glover, Samuel H., Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Goodwin, Francis, Mass.—Mate, 9th and 14th Regts.
Gordan, James, Md.
Goring, Joseph, Conn.—Mate, Sheldon’s Dragoons, 1777-78.
Goss, Eben H., Mass.—Surgeon.
Gottleib, Morris, Penn.—Surg., Armand’s Legion, 1777-80.
Gould, David, Va.—Surg. Cont. Line.
Gould, —, S. C.—Surg., 1st Regt., 1775-76.
Gould, Nathan, Conn.—Mate, Douglas’ Regt., 1776-7.
Gould, Wm., Va.—Surgeon.
Gould, Wm., Vt.—Surg. Ira Allen’s Regt.
Gove, John, N. H.
Graham, Andrew, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Graham, Chauncey, N. Y.—Attended Sick.
Graham, George, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Graham, Isaac, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Graham, Isaac, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Graham, John A., N. Y.—Attended prisoners.
Graham, Jonathan, Conn.—Mate, Butler’s Regt., 1778-79.
Graham, Lewis, N. Y.—Member Prov. Congress.
Graham, Robert, N. Y.—Member Prov. Congress.
Graham, Stephen, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Graham, Stephen, Va.—Hosp. Surgeon’s Mate.
Graham, Wm., Va.—Mate, 2nd Va., 1777.
Grant, Daniel, Md.—
Gray, James, Md.—
Gray, Samuel, Mass.—Charge of prisoners.
Gray, Thomas, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Gray, Thomas, Conn.—Mate, Waterbury’s Regt., 1777-8.
Green, Benjamin, N. H.—Surgeon Mate.
Green, Charles, Va.—Surg. Mate, 4th Regt., 1777.
Green, Charles, Va.—Surgeon Navy.
Green, Ezra, N. H.—Surgeon Navy.
Green, James, N. C.—Surgeon.
Green, Peter, N. H.—Surgeon.


Green, Wm., Va.—Surgeon Navy.
Greer, Charles, Va.—Continental Surgeon.
Gregg, Amos, Penn.—
Gregur, —, Dr., N. Y.—Surgeon.
Grier, Charles, Va.—Surgeon Navy.
Griffin, Corbin, Va.—State Surgeon.
Griffith, David, Va.—Surg. and Chaplain, 3rd Va., 1777-8.
Griffith, John, Md.—Served in hospital, Baltimore.
Griffiths, S. P., Penn.—Attended wounded.
Grisiger, —, Penn.—Surg. Mate, Armand’s Legion, 1777-8.
Gross, Ebenezer, Penn.—Attended wounded.
Guest, James, Penn.—Surgeon and Lieutenant.
Guild, Samuel,—Surgeon Mate on the Alliance.
Guilder, Reuben, Del.—Surg., Hall’s Regt. 1777-80.
Guion, Isaac, N. C.—Surg., 1st Regt. 1776-7.
Guiteau, Ephraim, Mass.—Member Provincial Congress.
Guston, —, Dr.,—Surgeon’s Mate.


Hagan, Francis, N. Y.—Hospital Surgeon.
Haig,,—, Dr., S. C.—Member of Assembly.
Hale, John, N. H.—Surg., Cilley’s Regt. 1777.
Hale, Mordecai, N. H.—Surg. Mate.
Hale, Samuel, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 5th Batt., 1775-6.
Hale, Samuel, N. H.—Mate, Bedel’s Regt., (may be Hall).
Haley, John, S. C.—Mate, Militia.
Hall, Jacob, N. H.—Surg., Scammell’s Regt., 1778-80.
Hall, Jeremiah, Mass.—Member Prov. Congress.
Hall, John, N. H.—Surgeon, Cilley’s Regt.. 1778-80.
Hall, John, Maine—Surg. Mate.
Hall, Joseph, Md.—Surgeon.
Hall, Lyman, Ga.—Member Cont. Congress.
Hall, Nathaniel, Mass.—Surg. Mate, militia, 1776.
Hall, Percival, Mass.—Surg. mate, Learned’s Regt., 1775.
Hall, Robert, N. C.—Surg. 3rd Regt., 1776-7.
Hall, William, Md.—Surgeon.
Halliday, Leonard, Md.
Hallet, Joseph.
Halling, Solomon, Penn.—Surgeon, Bethlehem Hospital.
Halsey, Silas, N. Y.
Halsey, Stephen, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Hamilton, James, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Hamilton, Patrick, N. Y.—Surg. , Whitling’s Regt., Militia, Albany, Co.
Hamm, Valentine, Va.—Surg. Militia.
Hammell, John, N. Y.
Hammell, John, N.J.—Surgeon.


Hampton, John, N. J.—Surgeon.
Hand, Edward, Penn.—Surgeon and General in Line.
Hansford, Carey H., Va.—Surg. Mate, State Navy.
Hare, Oliver, S. C.—Surgeon.
Harris, Charles, N. C.
Harris, David, N. H.—Mate, Nichol’s Regt. Militia.
Harris, Isaac, N. J.—Surgeon Mate and Surgeon.
Harris, Jacob, N. J.—Mate, 1st & 4th, Surg. 3rd; 1776-83.
Harris, Robert, Penn.—Mate, 2nd Regt. 1777-80.
Harris, Robert, Dr., Penn.—Made powder.
Harris, Tucker, S. C.—Surgeon, Militia.
Harris, Simnon, Va.—Surg. Mate, State Navy.
Harrison, Elisha, Md.—Mate, 4th Regt. 1781.
Harrison, Joseph, Penn.—Hosp. Surgeon at Bethlehem.
Hart, John, Mass.—Surgeon, 10th Regt., 1775-83.
Hart, Josiah, Conn.—Mate, Parson’s Regt. 1775-6.
Hart, Olvier, N. C.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Hart, William, N. C.—Member Com. of Correspondence.
Harvey, Josiah, Mass.—Mate, Fellow’s Regt., 1775, Jacksons, ‘80.
Hastings, Walter, Mass.—Surg., Bridge’s Regt., 1775.
Hatch, Josiah, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Hathaway, Daniel, Mass.—Surg., Militia, 1776.
Haviland, Ebenezer, N. H.—Surg., 2nd Regt., 1775-6.
Hawse, James, Mass.—Member Prov. Congress.
Hay, Joseph, Va.—Surg., Militia.
Haynie, Ezekiel, Md.—Mate, 1st Regt. 1781.
Haynes, Pardon, Dr., Mass.—Soldier.
Hayward, Lemuel, Mass.—Hosp. Surgeon.
Haywood, Ezekiel, Md.—Mate, 2nd Regt. 1777-9.
Hazletine, John, Vt.—Mate, Fletcher’s Regt.
Henderson, G.—Surg. Mate in Navy.
Henderson, Thomas, N. J.—Member Com. of Observation.
Hendry, Thomas, N. J.—Surg. Mate.
Henry, James M., Penn.—Surg., 5th Batt., 1775-6.
Henry, Robert B., N. H.—Surg., Reed’s Regt., 1781-3.
Henry, Robert R., N. J.—Hosp. Surg. Mate, 1779.
Herrick, Martin, Mass.—Surgeon.
Hewins (or z) Elijah, Mass.—Surg., Militia, 1779.
Hewitt, Caleb, Penn.—Surgeon.
Hezzeltine, Samuel, Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Higgins, Joseph, Conn.—Mate, Bradley's and Swift’s Regts. 1777-83.
Hill, John, N. Y.
Hilton, Isaac, Maine—Surgeon.
Hilsdorph, John, Penn.—Mate, 1st Penn. 1777-80.
Hindman, John, Md.—Surgeon.
Hinds, Nehemiah, Mass.—Mate, Woodbridge’s Regt. 1775-6.
Hemstead, Joshua, Dr.—Commanded Militia under Gates.


Hitchcock, Gad, Mass.—Surg., Thomas’ Regt. 1775.
Hitchcock, Zina, Vt.—Surg., Militia.
Hodge, Hugh, Penn.—Surg., 3rd Batt. 1775-6.
Hodgkins, Francis, N. H.—Surg., Waldron’s Regt. 1776.
Holbrook, Amos, Mass.—Surgeon.
Holbrook, Silas, Mass.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Hole, ——, Dr., Penn.—Surgeon.
Hocky, John—Surg. Mate on “Alliance”.
Holmes, David, Conn.—Surgeon.
Holmes, Daniel, Conn.—Surg. ,Chandler’s Regt. 1777-9.
Holmes, David, Va.—Surg., 7th Regt. 1777-83.
Holmes, James, N. J.—Surgeon.
Holmes, Silas, Conn.—Mate,  Huntington’s Regt. 1775.
Holt, Samuel, N. H.—Mate, Bedel’s Regt. 1777.
Holton, Samuel, Mass.—Surgeon and Member Cont. Congress.
Honeyman, Robt. U., Va.—Surgeon.
Homans, John, Mass.—Surg., Woodbridge’s and Sheldon’s; 1775-81.
Hopkins, Lemuel, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Hopkins, Roswell, N.Y.—Surg., Dutchess Co., Militia.
Horton, Jonathan, N. J.—Hospital Surgeon.
Hosmer, Timothy, Conn.—Surgeon.
House, William, Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
Houston, James, S. C.—Physician and Surgeon.
How, James, Mass.—Surg., Long’s Regt.
Howard, Ephriam, Md.—Member of Convention.
Howard, Lemuel, Mass.—Hospital Surgeon at Roxbury, 1775-6.
Howe, James, N. H.—Mate, Pierse’s Regt., 1776.
Howe, Mark, N. H.—Surg., Scammell’s Regt., 1781-3.
Howze, Mark, N. H.—Surg., Bartlett’s Regt.
Howe, Nehemiah, Mass.—Attended sick soldiers.
Howe, Solomon, Conn.—Mate, Chandler’s Regt., 1777-8.
Howell, Lewis, N. J.—Surg., 2nd Batt., 1776-8.
Howmer, Timothy, Conn.—Surg., Meigs’ Regt. 1779-81.
Hubbard, Leverett,—Examining surgeon.
Hubbard, Jacob, N. J.—Surgeon.
Hugh, Walter, Conn.—Surgeon.
Humbrey, Fred, N. C.—Surg. Mate.
Hunter, George, Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
Hurd, Isaac, Mass.—Surg., Robinson’s Regt., 1777.
Hurt, Joseph, Mass.—Hospital Surgeon’s Mate, 1775 Surgeon, J. Reed’s Regt., 1778.
Hutchinson, Ebenezer, N. Y.—Mate, DuBois’ Regt., 1775-6.
Hutchinson, J., Penn.—Surgeon in Navy.
Hyde, Phineas, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Hovey, Ivory, N. H.—Surg., Scammell’s Regt., 1777.
Howard, Thomas, Md.—Surg. Mate, 1st Regt. 1778-9.



Innes, John, N. Y.—Member Committee of Observation.
Ingram, J., N. C.—Surgeon.
Innis, Brice, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 3rd Regt., 1777, died in service.
Ireland, John, Md.—Member Committee of Observation.
Irvine, Matthew, Penn.,—Surg., Lee’s Light Horse.
Irvine, William, S. C.—Surgeon.
Ives, Levi, Conn.—Mate, Wooster’s Regt., 1775-6.


Jackson, David, Penn.—Hosp. P. and S., 1780-83.
Jackson, Hall, N. H.—Surg., Pierse’s Regt. 1776.
Jacques, Launcelot,—Surg., Swift’s Regt. 1778-9.
Jackson, Joshua, H., N. H.
Jameson, David,—Attended sick soldiers.
Jamieson, Wm., Mass.—Surgeon.
Jemmison, Wm., Mass.—Member Prov. Congress.
Jenifer, Daniel, Md.—Surgeon.
Jenifer, Daniel, Jr., Md.—Surgeon.
Jennings, Jacob, N. J.—Surgeon.
Jennings, John, Va.—Surg. Mate, Navy.
Jennings, Michael, Penn.—Surg., Hartley’s Regt., 1777-9.
Jepson, Wm., Conn.—Surg., Spencer’s Regt., 1775.
Jerauld, Gorton, R. I.—Surgeon.
Jeros, Daniel, Conn.—Surg., Sheldon’s Regt., 1776.
Jewett, Gibbons, Conn.—Surg., Sheldon’s Regt., 1776.
Johnes, Timothy, N. J.—Surgeon.
Johnson,— , Dr., N. Y.—Surgeon.
Johnson, Edward, Md.—Member Committee of Observation.
Johnson, John, Md.—Surgeon's Mate.
Johnson, Robert, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Johnson, Robert, Penn.—Surg., 6th Batt. 1776.
Johnson, Robert, S. C.—Hospital Physician.
Johnson, Uzal, N. J.—Surgeon.
Johnson, Wm., Va.—Surg. Mate, Navy.
Johonnot, Wm., France—Asst. Apothecary General.
Jones,— , Dr., N. H.—Surgeon.
Jones, David, Mass.—Surg., 26 Mass., 1776-7.
Jones, James, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 4th Penn. 1783.
Jones, John, N. Y.—Surg. and Examiner.
Jones, Junius, Penn.—Surg., 4th Penn, 1778-9.
Jones, Nathaniel, Mass.—Member Committee of Safety.
Jones, N. W., Ga.—Speaker of House, Ga.
Jones, Reuben, N. H.—
Jones, Timothy, N. J.—Surgeon.


Jones, Thomas, N. Y.—
Jones, Walter, Va.,—Surgeon.
Jordan, Clement, Mass.—Member Com. of Correspondence.
Joslyn, Joseph, R. I.—Surg., Stanton’s Regt. 1777.
Julian, John, Va.—Surgeon.


Kanieston, Reuben.
Keenie, John, Penn.—Surgeon.
Keene, Samuel F., Md.—Surg. Mate, 1st Regt., 1783.
Kemp, Thomas, Va.—Surg. Mate.
Kennedy, Joseph, N. C.—Purchased military stores.
Kennedy, Samuel, Penn.—Surg., 4th Batt., 1775-6.
Keys, Zacariah, N. Y.—Surgeon's Mate.
Kezer, George, N. 11.—Mate,  Bartlett’s Regt. Militia.
Kilty, William, Md.—Surg., 4th and 5th Regts., 1778-83.
King, Jonathan, Mass.—Surg., Shepherd’s Regt., 1777-8.
King, Miles, Va.—Surg. 1st Regt., 1777.
Kingsberry, Asa., Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Kingsbury, Andrew, Conn.—Hospital surgeon, 1778-81.
Kittredge, Thomas, Mass.—Surg., Frye’s Regt. 1775.
Kneeland,— , Mass.
Knight, Isaac, Conn.—Surgeon.
Knight, John, Va.—Surg., 9th Regt., 1777-81.
Knight, Jonathan, Conn.—Surgeon.
Knood, Samuel V., Md.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Knowles, James, N. H.—Member of Assembly.
Kuhn, Adam, Penn.


Ladley, Andrew, Penn.—Surgeon.
Lajournade, Alex., Va.—Surg. Mate, 1st Artillery, 1778.
Laud, Charles, Va.—Surg. Mate, 3rd Regt., 1778.
Landrum, Thomas, Va.—Surg. Mate, State Navy.
Langton (or Lawton) Wm., Mass.—Surg., R. Putnam’s Regt., 1780.
Latham, Dr., N. Y.—Attended soldiers.
Latimer, John H., Del.—Surgeon and U. S. Senator.
Lay, Lee, Conn.—Member Committee of Safety.
Leavenworth, Nathan, Mass.—Surg. Mate, Jackson’s Regt., 1777.
Ledger, Dr., N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Ledlie, Archer, Penn.—Surg., 12th Regt., 1777-9.
Ledyard, Isaac, N. Y.—Asst. Purveyor, 1780.
Lee, Arthur, Va.—Diplomat.
Lee, Jonathan, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Lee, Joseph, N. H.—Attended soldiers.


Lee, Samuel, Conn.—Surg., Waterbury’s Regt., 1777-8.
Leibt, Michael, Penn.—Attended soldiers.
Leisner, William, Penn.—Surg., Butt’s State Regt.
Leiper, Dr., Penn.—Treated wounded at Brandywine.
Lemmon, Robt., Md.—Member Committee of Observation.
Lewis, Joseph, N. H.—Surg., Chase’s Regt., 1777.
Lewis, Joseph, Conn.—Surgeon.
Lewis, Joseph, Vt.—Surgeon, militia, 1777.
Lewis, Wm., N. C.—Surg. Mate.
Little, Dr., Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Lind, Dr.,—Surgeon in Canada, also Linn, John
Livingston, Justice, Va.—Surg. in Navy.
Lockman, Charles, S. C.—Surg. Mate.
Lockman, John, S. C.—Surg. Mate.
Long, John, Mass.—Surgeon.
Longwith, Burgess, Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
Loomis, Jonathan, N. C.—Surg. Mate.
Lord, Elisha, Conn.—Examining Surgeon.
Lord, John, Mass.—Surgeon.
Lord, Josiah,—Surgeon.
Loree (or Loring) Ephriam, N. J.—Surg. Mate, 1776-80.
Loring, George, Mass.—Hospital Surgeon,
Lothrop, Dr.—Furnished medicines.
Love, David, N. C.—Rendered services.
Ludwig, Charles, Penn.—Surgeon.
Lumber, Wm., Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
Lyles, Richard, Md.—Surg. Mate.
Lynd, John,—Surgeon.
Lynn, John L., N. Y.—Surgeon.
Louveire, D.,—Surgeon at Ticonderoga, 1777.
Lyon, William, Md.—Member Committee of Observation.
Lyon, Thomas, Dr.—Lieut. Col., Huntington's Regt.
Lyons, John, Va.—Surgeon Mate in State Navy.


Maack, Jacob, N. H.—Member Committee of Observation.
Mackay, Andrew, Mass.—Surgeon.
Mackay, Robert, Va.—Surgeon.
McLean, William, N. C.—Surg. Mate.
Magaw, William, Penn.—Surg., Thompson’s Batt., 1775 (9 Regt.) 1777.
Malcolm, Henry, Penn.—Surgeon in Navy.
Manis, James, Md.—Surgeon.
Mann, James, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Mann, Oliver, Mass.—Surgeon.
Mann, Perez, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Manning, John, Mass.—Surgeon.


Manning, Luther, Conn.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Marshall, Jenifer, Va.—Surg. Mate in Navy.
Marshall, Thomas, Md.—Surg. Mate, 2nd Regt., 1777-80.
Martin, Ennals, Md.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Martin, Hugh, Va.—Surg. Mate.
Martin, Hugh, Penn.—Surgeon.
Martin, James, N. C.—Surgeon in Navy.
Martin, John, R. I.—Surg., Greene’s Regt., 1775.
Martin, John R., N. C.—Surg. Mate.
Martin, James, S. C.—Surgeon.
Marvin, Joseph, N. Y.—Surg., Nicholson’s Regt., 1775-6.
Mason, Reuben, R. I.—Surgeon.
Mather, Eleazer, Conn.—Surgeon.
Mather, Samuel, Conn.—Surg. and Captain.
Mather, Timothy, Conn.—Mate, Swift’s Regt., 1778-81.
Mayer, Adolph, Penn.—Attended sick at Lititz.
Mans, Matthew, Penn.—Surgeon, Invalid Corps.
Maynadier, Henry, Md.—Surg. Mate, 1st Regt., 1777-80.
McAdam, Joseph, Va.—Surg. Mate, Cont. Line, died, 1777.
McCalla, Thomas H., Penn.—Reg. Surgeon.
McCalla, Thomas M., Penn.—Surg., Moylan’s Regt., 1780-1
McCallimont, James, Md.—Surg. 2nd Regt., 1778-80.
McCarter, Charles, N. J.—Hospital Surgeon.
McCaster, Charles, Penn.—Surg., 4th Regt., 1777-80.
McCauley,—, Conn.—Surgeon.
McClure, David, Mass.—Lieutenant and Surgeon.
McCloskey, Samuel A., Penn.—Surgeon.
McClosky, Wm., Penn.—Surg. Mate.
McClure, Wm., N. C.—Surg., 6th Regt., 1776-7.
McClurg, James, Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
McClurg, Walter, Va.—Surgeon.
McCaffrey, Samuel, Penn.—Surgeon.
McCaskey, Samuel, Penn.—Surg., Artificer’s Regt., 1778-82.
McCaskey, Wm., Penn.—Surg. Mate.
McConnell, —, Penn.—Surg. Philadelphia Hospital.
McCrea, Stephen, N. Y.—Surgeon, Sullivan’s Expedition.
McDonough, Thomas, Del.,—Major.
McDowell, John, Penn.—Surg., 1st Regt., 1777-8.
McElyea, John, N. C.—Surgeon.
McHenry, Matthew, Penn.—Surgeon in Navy.
McKenney, — , — Surg. in Hospital in Canada.
McHenry, James, Penn.—Surg. and Major.
McKenzie, Samuel, Penn.—Surg., 2nd Batt., 1775-6.
McKinley, John, Del.—Surgeon.
McKnight, Chas., N. Y.—Surgeon.
McLean, Wm., N. C.—Surg. Mate and Surg. 1779-81.
McLain,—, Va.—Surg. Mate.


McMeecham, Wm., Va.—Surg. Mate.    
McNeil, Daniel, S. C.—Surg., 2nd Regt., 1775-6.
McMickle, John, Va.—Surg. State Navy, 3 yrs.
Mead, Wm., N. Y.—Surg., 1st Regt., 1775-6.
Mears, Bartholomew, Va.—Surg. Navy.
Meechen, Wm., Va.—Surgeon.
Menema, Daniel, N. Y.—Surg. Mate, 2nd Regt., 1775-6.
Mercer, Hugh, Va.—Scotland, Line Officer, Col. and Brigadier, 1776-7 (till death).
Merriam, Silas, Mass.—Surgeon.
Merrick, Samuel F., Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Metcalf,—, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Middleton, Barrett, Va.—Surgeon.
Miller, Aaron, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Miller, Benjamin, N. Y.—Surg., Westchester Co., Militia.
Miller, Edward, Del.—Hospital Mate.
Miller, Finley, Mass.—Surg. Mate, Baldwin’s Regt., (26th Regt.)
Miller, John, Del.—Surg., died Feb. 28, 1777.
Milligan, George, S. C.—Militia.
Monroe, George, Del.—Surgeon.
Montoe, George, Va.—Surgeon Continental Line.
Montgomery, Samuel, R. I.—Surgeon.
Moore, Henry, N. Y.—Hospital Mate.
Moore, Samuel, N. H.—Surg. Mate, Wingate’s State Regt.
Morey, Samuel, N. H.—Surg. Mate, Reid’s Regt., 1781-83.
Morgan, Abel, Penmi.—Surg., Lieutenant, 11th Penn., 1777-8.
Morgan, Benjamin, Mass.—Surgeon Mate.
Morgan, Bennett, N. C.—Surg. Mate.
Morgan, John, Penn.—Medical Director.
Morris, David, N. H.—Surg. Mate, Nichol’s Regt., 1777.
Morris, James, Md.—Surgeon.
Morris, Lloyd, Va.—Surg. Navy.
Morris, Jonathan F., N. J.—Surg. Mate and Lieutenant of Art’y.
Morrison, Robt., N. Y.—Surg. Mate, Dubois (5th) Regt., 1775-6.
Morrow, , Dr. —Surg. of ship, “Hyder Ali”.
Morrow, David, Md.—Surgeon.
Morrow, Samuel, Md.—Surgeon.
Mortimer, Chas., Va.—Surg. in Hosp. at Fredericksburg.
Morton, Hugh, Va.—Surg., 8th Regt., 1777.
Morton, John, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 4th Art’y Regt., 1778.
Motett, Lewis, S. C.—Surgeon.
Moultrie, John, S. C.—Surgeon.
Mullican, Isaac, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Munford, David, Conn.—Mate, Sheldon’s Dragoons.
Munro, Stephan, R. I.—Surg. Mate, 1778-9.
Munroe, George, Va.—Surg., 5th Regt., 1781, State Art’y, 1783.
Munson, Aneas, Conn.—Mate, Butler’s Regt., 1781-83.


Murdock, James, N. J.—Surgeon.
Murray, David, Va.—Surg. Mate, Navy.
Murray, Henry, Va.—Surgeon.


Neal, Francis, Md.—Surg. Mate.
Nelson, John, Md.—Surgeon.
Neufville, Wm., S. C.—Regt. Surgeon.
Newman,—, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Nichols, Moses, N. 11.—Brig. General of Militia.
Nicholson, Robt., Va.—Surg., State Artillery.
Norton, Elias, Conn.—Surg. Mate, Selden’s Regt., 1776.
Noyes, Enoch, N. H.—Member of Provincial Congress.
Noyes, John, Conn.—Surg., Huntington’s Regt., 1779-81.
Nye, Samuel, Mass.—Surg. Navy.
Northrop, Joel, Conn.—Surg. Mate.


Obrey, Frederick, N. H.—Surg., Child’s Batt., 1777.
Olcott, George, Conn.—Surgeon.
Oldenbruck, Daniel, Penn.—Surgeon.
Oliphant, David, S. C.—Surg. Medical Director, South. Division.
Oliver, Nathaniel, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
O'Neal, Francis, Penn.—Surg., 10th Penn., 1777-9.
Osborn, Cornelius, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Osborn, John, N. Y.—Furnished Supplies.
Osborn, Peter, N. Y.—Surg. Mate, Malcolm’s Regt., “The Levies.”
    Surg., Graham’s Regt., “The Levies.”
Osgood, —, Dr., Mass. —Surgeon.
Otto, Bodo, Penn.—Surgeon.
Otto, Bodo, Jr., N. J.—Surg. Mate.
Otto, Frederick, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Otto, Frederick, N. J.—Hosp. Surg., May 1, 1777.
Outwater, Thomas, N. Y.—Member Committee of Observation.


Packer,— , Dr.,—Surgeon.
Page, John, Vt.—Surg. Mate, Col. Ira Allen’s Regt., 1781.
Pallifer, Jacques, R. I.—Surg. Mate.
Paris, Peter, Penn.—Surg.
Parish, John, R. I.—Surg. Mate.
Park, Daniel, Mass.—Surgeon.
Parker, Thomas, Penn.—Attended Soldiers.
Parker, Daniel, Mass.—Surg., Walker’s Regt., 1775-6.


Parker, Wm., N. H.—Surg. Navy.
Parker, Wm., Jr., N. H.—Surg., Hale;s Regt., 1777; Surg., Reid’s Regt., 1778-80.
Parran, Thomas, Md.—Surg., 6th Regt., 1777.
Parley, Abraham, Mass.—Surgeon.
Parnell, Thomas, Va.—Surgeon.
Parton, Wm., N. C.—Surgeon.
Pasteur, Wm., N. C. —Surgeon.
Pate, James, Del.—Surg. in the Flying Camp, 1776.
Patterson, Robert, N. J.—Surg. Mate.
Patterson, Robert, Penn.—Surgeon.
Payos, John, E.—Surg., Captured at Camden.
Payton, V., Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Peabody, Nathaniel, Mass.—Surg. and General.
Peabody, Thomas, N. H.—Surg., Evan’s Militia Regt.
    Surgeon, Gillman’s Militia Regt., 1777.
Peacock, John,—Surg. Mate.
Peason, David, N. J.—Surg. Militia.
Peck, Chas., N. Y.—Surgeon.
Pelham, Win., Va.—Surg., Cont. Lines, 3 years.
Pell, Ithurial, N. H.—Surgeon.
Pehl, Joseph, S., Va.—Surgeon, Va., Navy.
Pell, Saler, Conn.—Surg., Bradley’s Batt. 1776.
Pell, Salua, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Peres, Peter, Penn.—Surg. German Regt., 1776-81.
Perkins, Abijah, N. Y.—Lieutenant.
Perkins, Elisha,—Surg. Mate, on the Bon Homme Richard.
Perkins, Elisha, Conn.—Surgeon.
Perry, Benjamin, Penn.—Surg., 2nd Penn., 1777-80.
Perry, Benj. S., S. C.—Surgeon.
Perry, John, Md.—Surgeon.
Perry, Joshua, R. I.—Surgeon.
Petrie, Wm., N. Y.—Surg. Mate, and Surg., Cont. Line.
Peters, Alex A., N. C.—Surg. Mate.
Peterson, David, N. H.—Surg. Mate, Stickney’s State Regt.
Peyton, Valentine, Va.—Surg.
Phile, John, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Phile, Frederick,—Attended German Batt., 1776.
Prindell, John, Md.—Surg. Mate, 4th Regt., 1777; Surg., 1st Regt., 1781-83.
Pine, John, Md.—Surgeon.
Pitcher, John, Mass.—Surgeon.
Pitt, John, Va.—Surgeon Navy.
Platt, Samuel, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Platt, John, Del.—Surg. Mate, the Flying Camp, 1776. Surg. Mate, Hall’s Regt., 1777-80.
Pointsette, E., S. C.—Surgeon Mate.
Poll, John S., Va.—Surgeon.
Pond, Elisha, Mass.—Surg. Mate.


Pomeroy, John, Vt.—Surg. Mate.
Pool, Jonathan, N. H.—Surg. Mate, Cilley’s Regt., 1778-80.
Pope, Matthew, Va.—Surgeon, State Line whole war.
Porter, Benj. J., Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Porter, Samuel, Dr., Vt.—Surgeon Militia.
Porter, Joshua, Jr.,—Surg. Mate, Navy.
Porter, Wm., N. C.—Surg., 2nd Regt., 1776.
Potter, Jared, Conn.—Surg., Wooster’s Regt., 1775
    Surg., Douglas’ Regt., 1776.
Potter, Zabdiel, Md.—Surgeon.
Potts, Jonathan, Penn.—Deputy Director General, Northern Dept., 1777.
    Deputy Director General, Middle Dept., 1778-9.
Powers, Stevens, Dr., Vt.—Militia.
Poyas, John, G., S. C.—Surg. Mate.
Pratt, Shuball, Va.—Surgeon.
Prealean, P. S., S. C.—Surg. Mate.
Prescott, James, S. C.—Surgeon.
Prescott, Jonas, N. H.—Surg., Hall’s Regt., 1778-80.
Prescott, Joseph, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Prindle, Rich, Md.—Surgeon.
Prior, Abner, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Prudden, Thomas, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Putnam, Aaron, Mass.—Surg. Mate., Fry’s Regt., 1775.
Pulliser, Jachues, R. I.—Surg. Mate., Bristol Hospital, 1777.
Pynchon, Chas., Mass.—Member Mass. Provincial Congress.
Putnam, Benj., Conn.—Surg., Bradley’s Regt., 1777-8.
Prescott, Oliver, Mass.—Surgeon.


Quinlan, Joseph, Va.—Surgeon Continental Line.


Radchiff, John, F., Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Rague, John, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 1st Penn., 1777-80.
Rainey, Stephen, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Ramsay, John, Penn.—Surgeon.
Ramsay, Joseph, H., S. C.—Surgeon.
Ramsay, Stephen, Conn.—Surg. 1777-80.
Ramsey, David, S. C.—Surg. and Statesman.
Ramsey, Jesse, S. C.—Surg. Mate.
Ramsey, John, Va.—Surgeon.
Rand, Isaac, Mass.—Hospital Surgeon.
Rasche, Isaac, S. C.—Surg. Mate, 2nd Regt., 1775-6.
Ray, Andrew, Va.—Surg., 9th State Regt.
Read, Thomas, C., N. J.—Hosp. Surgeon Mate, 1777.


Read, Thomas, C., N. J.—Surg. Mate.
Read, Wm., S. C.—Hosp. Physician and Surgeon.
Redman, Joseph, Jr., Penn.—Surgeon.
Reed, Ezra, N. H.—Surg., Reid’s Regt., 1775.
Reed, Thomas, N. J.—Surg., Livingston’s Regt., 1776, (Canadian Regt.)
Reed, Win., S. C.—Hospital Physician, 1780.
Reid,— , Dr., Va.—Captain.
Reid, Thomas, N. Y.—Surg., N. Y. Line.
Reinick, Christiami, Permn.—Surg. Mate, Thompson’s Batt., 1775-76.
    Killed at Paoli.
Reynolds, John, Va.—Surg. Navy.
Rhodes, Joseph, R. I.—Surg. Mate.
Richards, Samuel,—Surg. Navy.
Richards, Wm., Conn.—Surg. Mate, Gay’s Regt., 1776.
Richardson, Abijah, Mass.—Surg., Continental Line.
Richmond, Ebenezer, R. I.—Surg. Mate.
Rickman, Wm., Va.—Surg. and Medical Director, Southern Dept.
Ridgely, Frederick, Md.—Surgeon.
Ricker, John B., N. J.—Surgeon, 4th Batt., 1776-80.
Richmond, John, Mass.—Surg. Navy.
Roan,—, Dr., N. J.—Surgeon.
Rieger, Jacob, Penn.—Miles' Batt., 1775-6.
Roback, Jacob, Vt.—Surgeon.
Roberts, John, Va.,—Regt. Surgeon, Continental Line, 1780.
Robinson, Robert, Penn.—Surgeon Mate.
Robinson, Wm., Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Roche, or Roach, Nicholas, N. J.—Surgeon.
Roe. Win., Va.—Surg. Mate, State, Navy.
Rogers, Nathaniel, N. H.— Surg. Navy.
Rogers, Alexander, S. C.—Surg., 3rd Regt., 1775-6.
Rogers, John, K., Penn.—Surg. 1st. Penn.
Rogue, John, N. J.—Surg. Mate.
Rogue, John, (same)—Surg. Mate, 10th Penn., 1779-81.
Root, Israel, Conn.—Apothecary General, Northern Dept., 1779-83.
Root, Jonah, Conn.—Surg. Mate, Hospital, 1777.
Root, Josiah, Jr.,—Surg. Mate, Navy.
Root, Josiah, Conn.—Apothecary General, Connecticut.
Rose, Hugh, S. C.—Surgeon.
Rose, John, Conn.—Surg. Mate, Webb’s Regt., 1777-9.
Rose, John, Penn.—Surg. 7th Penn., 1777-80.
Rose, Robert, Va.—Surg., 1st Cont. Dragoons, 1777.
Ross, Alexander, N. J.—Surgeon.
Ross, John, Conn.—Surg., Meigs’ Regt., 1783.
Ross, John, Md.—Surg., Mate, 4th Regt., 1778-80.
Rossiter, Timothy W., Ga.—Surg. Mate.
Rossiter, Wm., Conn.—Surg. Mate, Webb’s Regt., 1776.
Rowe, Benjamin, N. H.—Surg. Mate, Nichol’s Regt., 1778-80.


Ruback, Jacob, Vt.—Surg., Fletcher’s Regt., 1781.
Rumney, Wm., Sr., Va.—Hospital Surgeon.
Rush, Benjamin, Penn.—Surgeon and Statesman.
Rush, Richard, Penn.—Examining Surgeon.
Russell, Philip, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Russell, Philip M., Va.—Surg. Mate.
Russell, Thomas, Conn.—Surgeon.
Russell, Wm., Penn.—Surgeon, Navy.
Rydman, John, Va.—Surgeon, Navy.


Sackett, John, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Sackett, Samuel, Conn.—Surgeon.
StClair, Arthur, Penn.—General.
Saill, Nicholas, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 1st Batt., 1775-6.
Sands, Edward, N. Y. (or R. I.)—Surgeon in Artillery Train, 1777.
Saple, John A., Mass.—Surgeon.
Sappington, Thomas, Md.—Surg. Mate, 3rd Regt., 1777.
Sappington, Richard, Md.—Surg., German Regt., 1781-3.
Sarringham, Wm., Penn.— Savage, Joseph, Va.—Surg. Mate.
Sawyer, Eben, Mass.—Council of Safety.
Sawyer, William, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Sawyer, William, N. H.—Surg. Mate, Poor’s Regt., 1775.
Scammel, John, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Schenck, Henry, H., N. Y.—Surgeon.
Schenck, Henry N., N. J.—Surgeon.
Schuyler, Nicholas, N. Y.—Surgeon, Hazen’s Regt., 1783.
Scott, Daniel, Mass.—Surgeon.
Scott, Moses, N. J.—Hospital Surgeon.
Scudder, John, N. J.—Surg. Mate.
Scudder, John A., Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Scudder, Nathaniel, N. J.—Member Continental Congress.
Scull, Nicholas,—Surgeon
Seigle, Frederick, Va.—Surgeon, Cont. Line.
Seigle, Samuel, Conn.—Surgeon.
Seldon, Samuel, Conn.—Surgeon.
Seldon, Wilson, C., Va.—Surgeon, Militia.
Seldon, Daniel, Va.—Surg. Mate.
Senter, Isaac, R. I.—Surgeon, Arnold’s Expedition.
Sergeant, Erastus, Mass.—Surgeon.
Sharp, James, Ga.—Surgeon.
Sharpless, John, Va.—Surgeon, State Navy.
Shaw, Thomas, Conn.—Mate, Ward’s Regt., 1776.
Sheldon, Daniel, Conn.—Mate, Hinman’s Regt., 1775.
Shepherd, Daniel, Mass.—Surgeon.


Shepherd, Levi, Mass.—Commissary of Militia.
Sherwood, , Dr., N. Y.—Member of Convention.
Shippen, Wm., Jr., Penn. —Medical Director of the Army.
Shute, Daniel, Mass.—Surg., Jackson’s Regt., to 1783.
Sibley, John, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Sill, Elisha, Conn. —Examining Surgeon.
Sillsby,— , Mass.—Surgeon.
Simpson, John, Conn.—Surg., Bradley’s Regt., 1778-81.
Skinner, Alex, Va.—Surg., H. Lee’s Legion.
Skinner, Elisha, Maine—Surg., Marshall’s Regt. to 1780.
Skinner, Thomas, Conn.—Surg., Chandler’s Regt., 1779-81.
Slaughter, Augustine, Va.—Surg., Cont. Line.
Smedes, John, N. Y.—Surg., Bawling’s Regt.
Smith, Alexander, Penn.—Mate and Chaplain, German Regt.
Smith, Alexander, Md.—Mate, 1st Regt., 1783.
Smith, Cheney, N. H.—Surg. Mate.
Smith, Daniel, Vt.—Mate, Wallbridge’s Regt, 1781.
Smith, Isaac, N. H.—Mate, Scammell’s Regt., 1778-80.
Smith, Isaac, N. Y.—Mate, 4th Regt., 1775-6.
Smith, Jabez, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Smith, Jacob, Conn.—Mate, Bradley’s Regt., 1777-8.
Smith, Nathan, Va.—Surgeon Mate.
Smith, Robt., S. C.—Mate and Chaplain.
Smith, Samuel,—Surgeon in Navy.
Smith, Timnothy, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Smith, Walter, Md.—Surgeon.
Smith, William, Penn.—Continental Druggist.
Smith, William, Penn.—Hospital Surgeon.
Smith, Wm. H., Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Smith, Wm. J., Md.—Surg. Mate, 1781-3.
Smith, Wm. P., N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Smyth, George, N. Y.—Member Provincial Congress.
Snead, Robert, Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
Southmayd, Daniel, Conn.—Mate, Spencer’s Regt., 1775-6.
Spaulding, John, Conn.—Surg. 4th Regt., 1775-6.
Sparham, —, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Spencer, Joseph, Va.—Surgeon.
Spoffard, Isaac, Mass.—Surg., Nixon’s Regt., 1775.
Spooner, William,—Surgeon in Navy.
Sprague, John, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Springer, Sylvester, S. C.—Mate, 2nd Regt.
Standly, Valentine, Penn.—Surg. Penn. Navy.
Starr, Justus, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Stearns, Thomas, N. 11.—Mate, Bellow’s Regt., 1777.
Stephens, Wm. S., S. C.—Hosp. Surg. Mate.
Stephenson, Geo., Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Stephenson, Jno. R., N. Y.—Surg. Mate.


Stewart, Alex., Penn.—Surg., 3rd and 10th Penna., 1779-83.
Stewart, James, Penn.—Surgeon.
Stockett, Thomas, Md.—Hosp. Surg. Mate.
Stockton, Benj., N. Y.—Surgeon.
Stockton, Ebenezer, N. J.—Hosp. Surg.    Mate, -1777.
Stockton, Ebenezer, N. H.—Surg., Reid’s Regt.
Stoddard, Darius, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Storrs, Justus, Conn.—Mate, Durkee’s Regt., 1781-3.
Story, Elisha, Mass.—Surgeon.
Stringer, Samuel, N. Y.—Med. Director, Northern Dept., 1775-7.
Stundley, Valentine, Penn.—Mate, Atlee’s Batt., 1775-6.
Sullivan, —, Mass.    
Sunn, Frederick, S. C.—Regimental, Surgeon.
Sutton, Edward, Conn.—Surgeon.
Swager, William, Mass.—Surg. Mate.    
Sweet, Caleb, N. Y.—Surg., 4th Regt., 1775-6.
Swett, J. B., Mass.—Surgeon.
Swift, Isaac, Conn.—Mate, Webb’s Regt., 1776.
Swoop, Joseph, Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
Swope, John, Va.—Surgeon in Navy.
Stoddard, Darius,—
Strong, Elisha, Mass.—Surgeon 12th Mass.


Tabbs, Barton, Md.—Surg., 7th Md. Regt., 1778.
Tappan, Petrus, N. Y.—Surgeon, 3rd Regt., 1775-6.
Tate, James, Penn.—Surgeon 3rd Penn., 1777-8.
Tate, John, Penn.—Furnished Supplies.
Tate, John, Md.—Mate, 2nd Regt., 1778.
Taylor, Charles, Va.—Surg., Cont. Line.
Taylor, Christian, Penn.—Surg. Mate, Invalid Corps.
Taylor, Christopher, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Taylor, David, N. H.—Surg., Reed’s Regt., 1776.
Tenney, Samuel, B. 1.—Surgeon, Olney's Regt.
Tetard, Benjamin, Ga.—Surgeon.
Texier, Felix, France—Surgeon.
Thatcher, James, Mass.—Mate and Surg. through War, See Note.
Thaxter, Gridley, Mass.—Surgeon.
Thomas, John, Mass.—Mate, 8th Mass.
Thomas, Ezekiel, N. Y.—Surg., 7th Albany Co., Militia.
Thomas, William, Mass.—Surgeon, Cotton’s Regt., 1775.
Thompson, John, N. Y.—Surg., 10th Albany Co., Militia.
Thompson, Joseph, Penn.—Mate, Moylan’s Regt., 1780-81.
Thompson, Thaddeus, Mass.—Surg., Nixon’s Regt., 1779.
Thorn, Isaac, N. H.—Furnished Medicines.
Tillotson, Thomas, N. Y.—P and S. G., Northern Dept., 1777-83.


Tillotson, William, Va.—Surgeon.    
Tilton, James, Del.—Hospital Surgeon; Surg. General 1812-14.
Toby, Barton, Md.—Surg., 7th Regt., 1777-9.
Todd, Andrew, Penn.—Surgeon in Navy.
Todd, Jonathan, Conn.—Surg., Swift’s Regt., 1777-8.
Toomer, Anthony, S. C.—Surgeon.
Tootle, Richard, Md.—Surgeon and Major.
Townsend, David, Mass.—Reg. Surg., 1775-7; Senior Hosp. Surg., 1777-83.
Townsend, Platt, Conn.—Examining Surgeon.
Tracey, Elisha, Conn.—Examining Surgeon.
Treat, Malachi, N. Y.—Hospital Surgeon.
Treatre, Samuel, Vt.—Furnished Medicines.
Trezvant, John, Va.—Surgeon 2nd Regt., 1778.
Trimble, James, Va.—Surg. Mate.
Tucker, Thomas, T., S. C.—Hosp. Physician and Surgeon.
Tudor,—, Conn.—Surgeon.
Tufts, Cotton, Mass.—Surgeon.
Tunnison, Garrett, Va.—Surg. Lamb’s (2nd) Artillery Regt.
Turnbull, Andrew, S. C.—Surgeon.
Turner, Peter, R. I.—Surgeon Sproat’s Regt.
Turner, Philip, Conn.—Surg. General, East. Dept., 1777-81.


Upham, Benj. A., Mass.—Mate, Knox’s Arty Regt.
Usher. Robt., Conn.—Surgeon.


Vach, Johan, N. Y.—Surg., 2nd Tryon Co., Militia Regt.
Vacher, John F., N. Y.—Mate 4th N. V. Regt., 1775-6.
Van Boskirk, Abraham, N. J.—Surgeon.
Van der Linden, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Van der Tyne, Peter, N. Y.—Surg., Weisenfel’s Regt., “The Levies”.
Van Ingen, Dirk, Penn.—Hospital Surgeon.
Van Waggener, Garrett, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Varnum, Benj., Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Vaughan. Claiborne, Va.—Surg. Cont. Line.
Vaughan,—, S. C.—Hospital Surgeon.
Vickers, Joseph, S. C.—Hospital Physician.
Vickers, Samuel, N. J.—Surgeon, 1777.
Vickers, Samuel, S. C.—Surgeon.
Vidian. Samuel, S. C.—Hospital Surgeon.
Vinal, William, Mass.—Surgeon, Gardner’s Regt.
Vaght, Christian, Dr., Penn.—Made Saltpetre.



Wadsworth, Theodore, Conn.—Mate, Meigs’ Regt., 1777-80.
Walcott, Christopher, Conn.—Mate, Walcott’s Regt., 1776.
Walcott, James, R. I.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Waldo, Albigence, Conn.—Mate, Huntington’s Regt., 1776-9.
Waldo, John, Conn.—Surgeon, Huntington’s Regt., 1776.
Wallace, James, Va.—Surgeon.
Wallace, John, S. C.—Surgeon.
Walker, Thomas, Va.—
Wallace, Michael, Va.—Surg., 1st Md., 1776-7.
Watson, Abraham, Mass.——Surg., Gardner’s Regt., 1775.
Ward, Preserve, Conn.—Mate, Arnold’s Regt., 1776.
Ward, John, Conn.—Surg., Waterbury’s Regt., 1775-6.
Warfield, Charles A., Md.—Surgeon.
Warfield, Walter, Md.—Mate, 1st Regt., 76-7; Surg., 6th and 2nd, 79-83.
Warren, John, Mass.—Hospital surgeon throughout the War.
Warren, Joseph, Dr., Mass.—Major General; killed at Bunker Hill.
Warren, Patrick, N. H.—Surgeon’s Mate.
Warren, Peletiah, N. H.—Mate, Hale’s Regt., 1777.
Washburn, Azel, Conn.——Surgeon, Warner’s Vt., Regt., 1777-81.
Waterous, Josiah, Conn .—Surg. Mate.
Waters, Wilson, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Waterman, Zuriel, N. H.—Surg., Senter’s Militia Regt.
Watrous, John K., Conn.—Surg. Mate, Spencer’s Regt., 1775-6;
    Wylly’s Regt., 1777-81.
Watson, Abraham, Mass.—Surg., Gardner’s Regt., 1775.
Waterman, Luther, Conn.—Surg., Webb’s Regt., 1777-81.
Watson, Samuel, R. I.—Surgeon.
Watts, Wm., Md.—Surg. Mate, 3rd Regt., 1781-83.
Way, —, Dr., —Treated wounded at Brandywine.
Weatherspoon, J., S. C.— Surgeon.
Weisenthal, C., Md.—Had a hospital in Baltimore in 1776.
Weaver, —, Penn.—Surg. of Militia.
Webb, Jerimiah, Conn.—Surg., Webb’s Regt. 1778-81.
Welch, Robert, Md.—Surg. Mate.
Welch, Thomas, Mass.—Surgeon.
Welles, Benjamin, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
West, Jeremiah, Conn.—Surg., Webb’s Regt., 1778-83.
West,—, Penn.—Surgeon.
Wharry, Robt., Penn.—Surg. Mate, 3rd Penn., 1778-83.
Wharry, Robert, S. C.—Surg. Mate.
Wharton, Levi, R. I.—Surgeon.
Wheeler, Chas., Va.—Surgeon.
Wheeler, Lemuel, Conn.—Surg., Hinman’s Regt., 1775.
Wheeler, Wm., N. Y.—Surgeon.
Whiple, Daniel Peck, R. I.—Asst. Director of hospitals, 1777.


White, Ebenezer, N. Y.—Surg., Westchester Co., Militia.
White, Henry, N. Y.—Surgeon.
White, John, N. Y.—Captain and Adjutant.
White, John, Ga.,—Surgeon and Colonel.
White, Wm., Va.—Surg. Mate, Va. Navy.
Whiting, Israel, N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Whiting, Samuel, Conn.—Surg. Mate, 5th Regt., 1775-6.
Whitney, Samuel, Conn.—Mate, Waterbury’s Regt., 1775.
Whitwell, Samuel, Mass.—Surgeon.
Wigglesworth, Samuel, N. H.—Surg., Wingate’s Militia Regt., 1776.
Wigneron, Stephan, R. I.—Surgeon.
Wigneron, John, R. I.—Surg., Tallman's Regt., 1777.
Wild, Jonathan, Mass.—Surg. Navy.
Wilkins, John, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Wilkinson, James, Md.—Major, Lt. Col., and Brigadier General.
Wilkinson, John, Mass.—Surgeon.
Willard, Elias, N. H.—Surgeon.
Willard, Levi, Mass.—Surg., Reed’s Regt., 1775.
Willard, Moses, N. Y.—Surg. Mate, Willett’s Regt.
Willet, M., Mass.—Surgeon.
Willet,—,  —Hosp. Mate, at Brandywine.
Williams, Bedford, Penn.—Surgeon.
Williams, John, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 4th Penn., 1780.
Williams, Obadiah, N. H.—Surg., Stark’s Regt., 1775.
Williams, John, N. Y.—Surg. Mate, 1st Regt., 1775-6.
    Surg., Charlotte, Co., Militia Regt.
Williams, Robert, N. C.—Surgeon.
Williamson, Hugh, N. C.—Surgeon.
Wilmot, Aquila, Penn.—Surg., died at Bethlehem, 1777.
Wilson, Goodwin, Penn.—Surg. Mate.
Wilson, Lewis, N. J.—Hospital Surgeon, 1778-9.
Wilson, Robert, N. C.—Surgeon.
Wilson, Samuel, S. C.—Served under Marion.
Wilson, Samuel, Va.—Attended 6th Regt.
Wimple, W. V., N. Y.—Hospital Surgeon.
Winans, Wm., N. J.—Surgeon.
Wing, Moses, Maine—Surg. Mate.
Wingate, John, Mass.—Surgeon.
Wingate, Joshua, ——Surgeon.
Winship, Amos, Dr., —On board the “Alliance.”
Winslow, Isaac, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Wisenthall, Chas., Md.—Surgeon.
Wistar, Caspar, Penn.— Attended wounded.
Witherspoon, John, N. J.—Hospital Surgeon.
Witherspoon, John, S. C.—Surgeon.
Wittredge, John, R. I.—Attended Soldiers.
Walcott, Alexander, Conn.—


Walcott, Oliver, Conn.—Brigadier General.
Wood, George, N. H—Furnished Medicines.
Wood, Gerhard, Md.—Surg. Mate, 2nd Regt., 1781-83.
Wood, John, Conn.—Surgeon.
Wood, James, N. H.—Was paid for extra services.
Wood, Preserve, Conn.—Surg. Mate.
Wood, Wm., N. H.—Surg. Mate, Reid’s Regt., 1778-80.
Woodruff, Humloke, N. Y.—Surg., 3rd. Regt., 1775-6.
Woodruff, Samuel, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Woodruff, Aaron, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 12th Penn., 1777-80.
Woodward, Samuel, Mass.—Surg. Mate.
Worthington, Charles, Md.—Surgeon.
Wright, Elihu, Mass.—Surgeon.
Wright, John G., N. Y.—Surg. Mate.
Wright, Philemon, N. H.—Surgeon.
Wright, Abijah, N. H.—Surg. Webster's Regt., 1777.
Wynkoop,— ,Penn.—Surg. Mate.

Yarnall, Peter, Penn.—Surg. Mate, 3rd Batt., 1775-6.
Yarenhest, Jacob, P.,—
Yates, George, Va.—Surg. Mate, 5th Regt., 1781.
York, Roberson, — Surg. on privateer.
Young,—, Md.—Board of Examining Surgeons.
Young, James, Penn.—Surgeon.
Young, John, R. I.—Surgeon.
Young, John, N. H.—Surg., Nichol’s Regt., Militia. Surg., Senter's Regt., 1778.
Young, John, Mass.—Surgeon.
Young, Joseph, N. Y.—Senior Hosp. Physician and Surgeon.
Young, John, N. Y.—Surg. Mate, Weisenfel’s Regt., “The Levies.”
Younglove, David, N. Y.—Surg., 1st Tryon Co., Militia.
Younglove, Moses, N. Y.—Surgeon.
Young, L., Dr., Penn.—Attended sick, Philadelphia.
Young, Thomas,