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Headquarters 324th Medical Battalion, 99th Infantry Division, In the Field, 2 January 1945

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99th Infantry Division
In the field

 2 January 1945

SUBJECT: After Action Report.

TO: Commanding General, 99th Infantry Division,
  (Attention: Adjutant General).

 1.  In compliance with Par 10, C4, AR 345-105, 10 Aug 1944, the following summary of action of the 324th Medical Battalion in operations against the enemy for the month of December 1944 is submitted:

Summary of Operations

 On 1 Dec. 1944, the Division occupied a defensive sector extending from Monschau to Losheim as part of the V Corps, with the VII Corps on the North and the VIII Corps on the South. Collecting Companies C, A and B supported. CT's 5, 3 and 4 respectively from North to South. Collecting Stations C, A, and B were established in the Belgian towns of Elsenborn, Krinkelt, and Murringen, under Battalion control. Evacuation from Clearing Station was by the 575th Ambulance Company, 134th Medical Group, to the 44th and 67th Evac Hospitals, Malmedy, Belgium.

 Advanced warning was given that the Division would be involved in combined offensive operations with the 2nd Inf Div, commencing 13 Dec 1944. The 2nd Inf Div was to move from the Division South flank, concentrate behind the center of our front, and attack thru Krinkelt and Rocherath to Rohren on the North and further objectives to East. Simultaneously, the 1st and 2nd Bn’s, 395th Inf, 99th Inf Div with supporting elements of CT5, were to attack toward Schleiden, seize designated objectives, and protect the South flank of the 2nd Inf Div, while the 3rd Bn, 395th Inf, 99th Rcn, and 2nd Rcn were to hold the front previously held by the 395th Inf; the 393rd Inf was to defend its front with limited attacks on the North; and, the 394th Inf was to hold its front and constitute a mobile reserve from its 3rd Bn on the South flank.

 Co C moved to Rocherath 12 Dec 1944 under CT control to support attack of CT5. Provisional units were established on 12 Dec 1944 and 13 December 1944 to support 3rd Bn, 395th Inf and 99th Rcn in vic of Hofen and Kalterherberg. Evacuation during the initial phases of the operation was extremely difficult because of long litter hauls over rough wooded terrain. Co C was reinforced by 8 litter squads from other Collecting Companies and from Clearing Company.  Collecting Company litter bearers were employed forward of Bn Aid Stations with Regtl litter bearers.

 On 16 Dec 1944, heavy artillery barrages hit vicinity of Krinkelt, and enemy activity along the front of 393rd Inf resulted in increased casualties.


Artillery and small arms fire hindered evacuation. By 17 Dec l944, enemy elements reached Hunningen, closed the MSR thru Bullingen, and infiltrated throughout the 393 and 394 areas. A German offensive of strength was reported.

 Normal evacuation routes were blocked and contact between Battalion Headquarters and the Coll Co’s was lost. Few ambulances reached Clearing Co.  A route through Berg-Wirtzfeld  was reconnoitered by the Bn S-2, who led. a convey of QM trucks loaded with casualties thru artillery fire from Krinkelt, followed by Co B.

 On 18 Dcc 1944, Co C moved from Rocherath to Krinkelt., and Co C ordered a move to Wirtzfeld. when enemy artillery and small arms fire increased. CP, 393rd Inf was reported moving to Wirtzfeld. Co A and Co C withdrew to Clr Co at Nidrum to organize support for CT’s 3 and 5. A provisional Collecting Unit was organized at Nidrum under command of CO, Co A and was taken to Berg, but withdrew to Nidrum with the further Divisional withdrawal. Evacuation between the Clearing Company and.Evac Hospitals in Malmedy was cut off. 575th Cell Co evacuated to Eupen. The 2nd Clearing Platoon established at Domaine Ruhrhof, Sourbrodt, and the entire Battalion moved there to reorganize. Corps was requested. to support evacuation of Clr Co.

 A provisional collecting point was established at Elsenborn. 19 Dec 1944 for evacuation of the Division front. All Regiments withdrew to defend Elsenborn. On 20 Dec 1944, the 1st Clr Pl and Coll Co A moved to vicinity of Jalhay, in reserve.  The Elsenborn Collecting Point was moved to Sourbrodt, due to increased artillery fire. The previsional units evacuating 3rd. Bn, 395th Inf, and 99th Rcn were consolidated at Kalterherberg. This unit withdrew 22 Dec 1944 on account of artillery fire, and was reestablished 23 Dec 1944.

 Co C was relieved by Co A, supported by Co B, in evac from Elsenborn–Kalterherberg areas to Clr Co, and moved to Jalhay in reserve on 23 Dec 1944.

 26 Dec 1944 – Co B relieved of evacuation by Co C, supported by Co A, moved to Jalhay in reserve. Div Hq moved to Sourbrodt from Camp Elsenborn to improve communications, making it necessary to move Clr Sta, Hq Det, Co C and Co A. Clr Sta and Bn CP moved to Jalhay. Co’s A and C established in vicinity Northwest of Sourbrodt (K-852111). Co B established evacuation between Coll Sta and  Cir Sta.

 On 28 Dec 1944, Co C reported heavy artillery fire in vicinity Coll Sta. Co’s A and C moved to vicinity K-838117.

 29 Dec 1944 – Co B relieved Co C. Co C moved to Jalhay in reserve with Co A, Co A and C supporting Co B with ambulances.

 At present time the 3rd Bn, 395th Inf and 99th Rcn continue the defense of the Hofen Area under 9th Inf Div control, and are evacuated by 324th Med Bn Collecting Company ambulances direct to the Collecting Company. 393rd, 394th, and 395th (less 3rd Bn) Inf Regt’s continue defense of the Elsenborn area, flanked by the 9th Div on the North, and the 2nd Inf Div on the South.  Evacuation is by medical battalion and Regimental litter bearers and jeeps to Battalion and Regimental Aid


Station, by ambulance to one central collecting station operated by one collecting company reinforced by ambulances from a second collecting company. The third collecting company evacuated from the Coll Co to the Clr Sta. Evacuation is under Battalion control, and companies are rotated to permit maximum relief of personnel and equipment. Evacuation from the Clr Sta is by the 452 Coll Co, 134th Med Gp, to128th Evac Hosp, Verviers.

  For the Commanding Officer:

  Capt, MAC

 Journal and Supporting Documents.[withdraw-ed.]

Source: National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD
  Record Group 407, Records of The US Army Adjutant General
  After Action Reports, 99th Infantry Division, Nov-Dec 1944
Box 14212